"Final" Catwoman Looks Like This

JustJared (which I despise linking to as it’s just the worst kind of “People”-esque paparazzi hit-baiting celebrity site, but fair is fair) has snaps from the “Dark Knight” set of Anne Hathaway in the ‘default mode’ of the Catwoman outfit that underwhelmed everyone a month or two ago. Wouldn’t you know, it actually looks  a lot better; which maybe means that “spy” photographers are now doing a better job of promoting this movie than Warners is (or maybe means that I was right…)

As it turns out, everyone and their great aunt was right that the silly-in-a-bad-way goggles seen in all the other photos convert into silly-in-a-good-way cat ears when not in use, but evidently left out that she’s wearing a wraparound eye-mask under them. Also, it appears that Nolan and company have at long last found one wholly-impractical superhero design-staple that they wanted to keep: Catwoman is doing her thing in high-heels (I’d be inclined to say they’re just to make her look taller; but in some of the shots she’s actually running in the damn things…)

Y’know what I like about this? Other than the obvious, I mean? That the basic design skips right over the more recent comics and “Batman Returns” and instead looks more than anything like a quasi-practical version of the getup from the Adam West series – which is otherwise the antithesis of the oh-so-serious mode that this whole series has been running in up to this point.

21 thoughts on “"Final" Catwoman Looks Like This

  1. motyr says:

    The heels aren't working. The fact that the boots are incredibly platformed takes away from the effect, because it means the actual stiletto is effectively about an inch high.


  2. Nicholas says:


    Are you seriously complaining about platformed shoes? Of all of the things to talk about you are talking about something that will be completely unnoticeable or cut out of the scene about 90% of the time. Im sorry are we really going to be this nit picky, this early?


  3. motyr says:


    Hey, if Bob's going to say that the shoes are the saving grace of an otherwise completely bland and generic costume, then yes, I have a right to respond by saying I dislike that aspect of the costume.


  4. Steve says:

    What was wrong with the Adam Hughes design? It would've fit so well into the Nolanverse it isn't even funny.

    This looks like a Halloween costume my sister would wear.


  5. 010b0128-e7e7-11e0-93e8-000bcdcb2996 says:

    Adam Hughes Catwoman is still wearing platform shoes….I would not call that practical. Here's the thing, ever Catwoman since the early days has worn some form of high heals or platform shoes, say Nolan and Co. didnt do that than everybody would be complaining how she wasnt wearing th shoes that Catwoman usually wears that form of shoe. I would say at this point we should wait for the movie. Because in my opinion this movie is still looking good in my opinion.


  6. Goku50k says:

    I like this costume for several reasons, 1) because I like the throw back look instead of a super modern look. Nolan and Co. merely updated a costume that already existed. the second reason I like the costume is because I like how the goggles turn into “ears” thats cool and actually really clever. And the Final reason that I like the costume is because of the mask. So overall I'm pretty happy about this.
    Now lets talk personality, I really hope that Nolan's Catwoman is flirtatious yet also independent. My fear is that they will make her campy or that Anne will play her in such a way where we cant take her seriously, but I really dont think that will happen. Much like the Joker in TDK I hope that Catwoman represents something in modern America, same goes with Bane.
    But Again I have to say that I am looking foward to this movie and I do trust Nolan. So far he hasnt disappointed me.


  7. SonofRyan says:

    Sarge, while normally you might have a point that he may be being presumptuous about people's orientations by saying it's obvious, he DOES specifically state he is heterosexual in the blurb visible at the right side of every single page, so I think this may be a case where it actually is obvious in all cases.

    Also I'm glad she has some actual cat ears. Cause, she's catwoman, so it was weird when I saw her having no outfit stuff related to cats, cause, you know, it's sort of in her darn name.


  8. Sam Robards, Occasional Gamer says:

    I don't know what to think of this (both the costume and film).

    On the costume, they always look far different in motion than they do in spy cam shots like this one. So I'll judge it when I see it in a trailer or something. Though I do agree with Dave, the costume at the link he provided is much better.

    As for the film itself, I don't have a whole lotta excitement towards it. I'm not crazy about Catwoman (both the character and Anne Hathaway), the Cataclysm story didn't tickle my fancy and Bane is, well, AWFUL.

    Yeah, Nolan's done well so far, but no filmmaker is immune to making crap, especially when talking about superhero movies.

    Remember how excited everyone was for Spider-Man 3? Do you really not think WB is capable of the same level of interference, especially considering how horrifically awful Green Lantern was?

    I'll still go see it, but they'll have to give me something better before I get excited for it.


  9. Lee Kalba says:

    @the alpha-numeric string up there,

    (because I obviously missed this comment, before) No she's not. Go to Adam Hughes' Deviant Art page, look at his depictions of Catwoman, shut up.
    True Adam's version wears latex, but she doesn't wear heels. The blond that was running around in a Catwoman suit for a while, and was featured on some of the covers did, but not Selena, except when she was out of costume.


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