"Rum Diary" Has a Poster

Pictured on the right: American film-actor Johnny Depp, waking up to the realization that he really did sign on the dotted-line for both “The Lone Ranger” and another shitty “Pirates” sequel.

Hat-tip to Hollywood-Elsewhere

6 thoughts on “"Rum Diary" Has a Poster

  1. SonofRyan says:

    He didn't like the Tourist, Rango, Alice in Wonderland, he seems honestly a bit disproportionately down on Depp, who is a good actor by most measure, good actors make bad movies, sometimes quite often, look at the last movie with Anthony Hopkins in it, a shitty exorcist movie, and before that a shitty werewolf movie, but he's a wonderful actor.


  2. A. Ivan says:

    It's not like he's down on Depp, it's just that every time Depp has been relevant enough to mention lately it's been in connection with one of said shitty movies.

    On topic, while I think Lone Ranger could be interesting (the “weird west” genre needs more love), this made me laugh. Kudos.


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