"Dark Knight Rises" Is Batman (Slightly) Beyond

EMPIRE had a much-hyped set-visit story about “The Dark Knight Rises” recently, much to the delight of all those who can’t get enough non-news about next year’s all-but-garaunteed-to-not-live-up-to-your-expectations blockbuster. But what was actually revealed? Well… nothing, really; save that Bane still looks about as crummy in the “official” images as he has in the random on-location snaps.

The only thing close to new information is that the film is apparently set 8 years after the end of “Dark Knight;” which is… interesting, I suppose?

A lot of fans are reading the time-jump as a “clue” that the film will ultimately be some form of adaptation of either “The Dark Knight Returns” (i.e. old Batman un-retiring) or “Knightfall” (i.e. Batman coming back from Bane-induced injuries); mostly because for a lot of fans everything is a clue pointing to an adaptation of those stories. More likely, it’s a way for Nolan to do what he’s always said he was going to do – put a definitive END on “his” Batman story – without having dissapointed fans point out how brief this particular Batman’s career was. It also, maybe, gives Warner Bros. room to say that the innevitable new-actor-reboot is actually happening during the “missing” 8 years.

Also “revealed” in the article is the possibility that Bane is actually “powered” by inhaled-gas painkillers instead of muscle-growth chemicals, which will come as a shocking dissapointment to anyone who actually expected Christopher Nolan to include a Hulk-sized monster-man in his movie.

19 thoughts on “"Dark Knight Rises" Is Batman (Slightly) Beyond

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have faith in Nolan…but in this day and age people see it as blind fanboy loyalty instead the actual look at his resume of work that it is. Toy Story 3 delivered. I believe The Dark Knight, while not invulnerable to disappointment or even being a bad film, can do the same.

    Also I recall Nolan saying these films were about a young Batman (hence no sidekicks). So even without the 8 year gap I always thought Nolan would end the series with the notion that even though we won't see them…Batman's adventures would continue.


  2. Sssonic says:

    I gotta be honest: I kind of love how Bane looks in this movie. I get it's not what you-or a lot of fans, I'm guessing-want, and I'm not unsympathetic, but it works for me. The “Skull Teeth” look of the mask, the thuggish coat, the physical build…it just clicks for me. It just gives off this nicely crazy vibe to the character I can see moving into some really fun territory.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes we get it bob, you don't like the look of Nolan's Batman, you would rather have Bane look like a Power Rangers reject. Stop whining! Go and jerk off to Tree of Life instead.


  4. Aiddon says:

    Well, the fact that a seven minute prologue of this is attached to the next Mission Impossible actually makes me interested in a Tom Cruise film.

    And seriously Bob, cut it the fuck out with the passive-aggressive seething over Nolan doing his own while simultaneously respecting the source material. Ya want a 100% accurate Bane costume? Batman and Robin. Oh yes, I went there


  5. MangaBottle says:

    Bob, is a): completely off-topic, and b): gonna sound kinda creepy and wrong so just be aware that it is hyperbole:
    I wanna marry you and bear you children. Seriously, I don't always agree with what you say but dude, you are KICK ASS.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I must be one of the few who has a good shot at this living up to my expectations since Batman Begins in the lone Batman-in-other-media property that I ever even liked and hated TDK(one of only two comic book films I'd say that about..AngHulk being the other one). If this film is more of a return to quality of Batman Begins then there's a chance I'll like it. Granted, the odds still aren't good(1 in 6; 1 in 7 if you count the old Adam West movie). Anyway, TDKR is hardly topping my must see list of 2012. The Avengers, The Hobbit and hell, even Amazing Spider-Man are more anticipated for me.


  7. Crappie_Jack says:

    I'm sorry but did the post above me really compare The Dark Knight to Ang Lee's Hulk movie… but by this rational if TDK and The(bad) Hulk were the only two comic book movies he hated then he deserves to be shot in the face for enjoying The Fantastic Four movie or even worse Batman Begins. I mean come the fuck on… TDK was one of the best comic films to date. I could give a shit if someone says they didn't enjoy it but fuck letting people get away with saying crazy shit like that… >.>

    Sorry for the mudslinging Bob but, you are the man!
    And I'll go one step further with what you said…

    I think Bane was just a poor choice. The character is a paper-thin, super hulk, rampaging and muttering few words. I just don't see how they thought they could turn that into a villain that works as a solo act. Not just that but Bane's character, regardless of the films direction or actors, COULD NEVER live up to the beyond stellar performances we've seen so far in the other villains… and realistically, coupling him with Cat Woman for this movie doesn't help matters simply for the fact the Selena Kyle was more of an anti-hero then a villain in the Batman series. I mean frankly Bane's character doesn't have a lot of wiggle room(Two Face is another good example of this) Either he's a giant seemingly unstoppable monsters, or hes just another forgettable villain in a world of superhero movies where most of the villains are just that. I'm still holding out some hope.


  8. vamast says:

    a batman adaptation of the beyond series would be cool with an old wayne mentor. i like the cartoon, so im not complaining that a movie needs to be made, seeing how cartoons are extremely easy to manipulate in any continuity of the dc universe because they look the same as comics. its why the dc cgi green lanturn cartoon has OVER MILIONS of references to everything dc. like young justice/teen titan ripoff


  9. Robert Garlen says:

    Before I comment further, I have read your blogs and movie review and agree with some disagree with the rest, I have a degree of respect for you so I'm not saying anything out of disrespect but more of not understanding certain things and a bit of anger… that being said…

    You know bob you just seem to be so damn uninterested in The Dark Knight Rises I'm surprise you even take time to cover it. It's clear that no matter what you're not gonna let TDKR be better in your mind then the Avengers. I'd say it was because of Green Lantern, but this uninterested state you seem to be in had started before Green Lantern came out.

    I mean why do you really say anything at all about it? Are you trying to get more people to see Avengers then TDKR? Cause it looks like it's not getting any support whatsoever and it looks like your just too busy in the whole Avengers hype to even care. Avengers is sooner or later just going to be another comic book movie? What happens if it’s a colossal failure? What if it is genially bad? Are you still going to protect it and give TDKR a shit storm?

    I mean you do give a shit storm about Bane, whether played by a good actor, who stands taller than the character when not on venom, or played by a tall hulking bad actor we both know would cut the movie down because of Bane period. Your cutting it down because Bane is even in it which just seems like you got a serious chip on your shoulder, or are you pissed because Nolan is choosing Bane and giving his twist on the character after his last rework of a character worked. What would you honestly have wanted? The Riddler? The Penguin? Two of the most boring batman villains IMO(no offense to anyone who likes them, just too much gimmick).

    In your last review of the Dark Knight you practically said “Bring Schuemacher back” by wanting them to emulate the Batman of the 70's even more so in look than in attitude. So what is it? Do you just not like the Nolan Batman Films because he's not wearing grey tights and jumping around with a 10 year old boy? Why does it seem wrong for a filmmaker to give his version of the story nowadays? Why do comic book movies need to look like they’ve been ripped from the pages of comics? If your just gonna show what we’ve read 5, 10 or as far back as 80 years of books then whats the point?

    The only saving grace with Avengers for me is the cast and the fact the Whedon promised a new story. But it’s all looking really bad because they’re marketing strategy is “let everyone see the Avengers on screen together” It isn’t any life changing moment for me but thousands on the internet are going ape over something that could’ve happened with or without standalone movies. Would it get the same reaction if they had made separate X-Men films (Cyclops Movie, Storm Movie, Wolverine Movie deal) then featured them together in a Single X-Men Film? I doubt it. The world seems to enjoy the notion that this is becoming a worldwide film changing event when at best I expect a mediocre film because the egos of the actors.

    I’m not doubting Whedon’s ability to make a decent movie. But it doesn’t look like a film. TDKR does look like a film. I’m more excited about TDKR because it is becoming something of its own. It represents it characters well. But since Avengers has been whispered it seems like all you want is comics on screen which frankly just doesn’t work for every single character.

    What would you do with Batman make a more adult version of the Adam West series?


  10. Mariner says:

    Part of me hates the idea of Nolan going into Batman Beyond territory, it being my all-time favorite TV adaptation (second from the 90's series by B. Timm)

    But then I remember the drive-by lynching Timm himself did to that series courtesy of “Epilogue”, so whatever Nolan could come up with, if that was what he was doing.

    Chirstopher Nolan isn't that great a writer. Sorry guys, put down the bong and get out of the house.


  11. Anonymous says:

    @ Crappie_Jack

    I didn't say I liked the FF movies. They sucked. As do Ghost Rider, Daredevil/Elektra, Catwoman, Green Lantern and a whole host of others. The majority of comic book superhero movies have sucked. But they do don inspire hatred from me. I just don't like them.

    AngHulk & TDK actually DO inspire my hatred because they are more than simply bad movies. There are insulting movies. They are movies that lie to you. Movies that piss on your leg and tell you it's raining.

    And if you didn't like Batman Begins, well that's your choice. But most wouldn't agree and neither do I.


  12. Michael says:

    @Robert Garlen

    I am not sure where the view that Bob hates TDK came from. Bob loves TDK and Nolan. I recall him proclaiming TDK the greatest movie of all time when it came out, (see his review) and recently referred to it as “lighting in a bottle”

    Yes I know he takes issue with the not so accurate aesthetics, that is clear. That said you can love something and still take issue with parts of it. Anyone who is married can relate to that.


    The title of the article is a pun and only that. I don't get the imprecation that TDKR is in any going into the Batman Beyond area.


  13. Crappie_Jack says:

    @ Whoever you are

    You've got it quite twisted. I could careless which movies you've enjoyed or not… Ang Lee's Hulk and TDK shouldn't ever be mentioned in the same breath. You're comparing one of the worst to one of the best. You can hate that movie as much as you please but don't mixing it in with the rotting garbage. That just makes you look bad… and you not enjoying it put you in the 4-6% of the other people who couldn't find at least some enjoyment in the film. I'm not saying being in the minority makes you wrong I'm saying being in the smallest possible of minorities makes your comparison ignorant and unfounded.

    Hate TDK. Hate The(bad)Hulk. Just don't pretend like those movies are peers, equals, or even halfway similar.

    Feel free to explain why you hated the TDK. I'm not going to argue your opinion on the movie but your opinion doesn't change the fact that the movie was extremely well received.

    So please no more Ang Lee's hulk talk because even now history is pretending it didn't happen.


  14. Anonymous says:

    >It also, maybe, gives Warner Bros. room to say that the innevitable new-actor-reboot is actually happening during the “missing” 8 years.

    This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Bob, you make a lot of predictions, and usually they are pretty silly, but this takes the cake. If you actually think this is a possibility, I have serious doubts about your knowledge of the movie business.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Y'know, it really disappoints me that you keep harping on the fact this won't be as 'big' as The Dark Knight without ever bothering to address the context of whether you think it'll be any damn good or not. You were willing to give a free pass to a remake of that Dragon Tattoo Girl movie cause it was being directed by D. Fincher, but apparently Mr. Nolan doesn't deserve such kindness cause lord knows his filmography isn't nearly as lauded…


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