Finally, Someone Made "Moulin Rouge" Entertaining

If you ever needed a reason as to WHY the Channel Awesome/That Guy With The Glasses collective are pretty-much THE force in the criticism-as-entertainment video genre… I’d say that this is the best example to date: a good chunk of the crew (primarily The Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgia Chick and a guest-appearing Brentalfloss, but Linkara, Spoony etc. get in some amusing cameos) dive into a nearly 45-minute breakdown of “Moulin Rouge” in musical format. Amusingly, the film itself is uniquely well-suited to being intercut with the TGWTG “house-style;” aka “mugging-the-shit-out-of-the-camera.”

I’m embedding it below, but I really encourage people to visit the site – a really amazing amount of content from a refreshingly-diverse group of voices.

I know that reactions to TGWTG run hot-or-cold at this point, especially as they’ve become more ubiquitous. Depending on who you ask, they’re either geek-culture revolutionaries or the worst thing that EVER happened to internet criticism; as they’re seen as popularizing the move away from youtube-slideshow to character/skit-driven as the dominant style of the genre.

For the most part, I’m the mostly-affirmative camp. Having guys like these (along with the gang at ScrewAttack and the omnipresent juggernaut of James “AVGN” Rolfe) towering over this medium has been a consistent and welcome kick-in-the-ass reminder for me to step up my game and try newer/better/different things with my various projects.

Also, it must be said, I think the sheer diversity of voices and perspectives – that it’s NOT “only” a site of the usual GenX Suburbanite White Male Nerds – they’ve assembled is an enormous good for web/geek culture overall. That they have so many female reviewers, for example, is a big net-positive; and while Lewis Lovhaug’s (Linkara’s) work-ethic and natural talent are what’s made him a star (I really do think he’s the best thing to happen to comic book journalism/criticism in a decade or more, not that there’s much competition…) it’s the uniqueness and sincerity of his cultural-outlook that makes his stuff so frequently refreshing.

31 thoughts on “Finally, Someone Made "Moulin Rouge" Entertaining

  1. nejiblue says:

    I've seen your skits on your other blog, game-overthinker or whatever it's called. The reason you annoy the fuck out of me is because you completely separate the “story parts” and the “review parts”. You have your bad fan film crap for 5 minutes, then review the game for 3 minutes, 5 minutes fan film, etc. As far as the genre of internet criticism goes, its a mixed bag like anything else. Despite starting it, I've always found the nostalgia critic annoying as hell. On the other hand, I've generally liked AVGN or red letter media. Spoony… tends to vary a lot. A special note for linkara however. You sucking his dick doesn't really surprise me. After all, he is a firm believer in continuity trumping story/character being a great thing in american comic books. Since I know that will be thrown in my face, just to clarify. Continuity is part of writing a story. Notice the word PART. There's other little things that I *gasp* tend to think are kind of important, in ANY medium, like plot and character development. That may sound like a criticism, but I would have to actual give a fuck about american comic book medium(american comic books, NOT comic book superhero movies.) No, where he made it personal with me was his power rangers videos. Specifically, power rangers dino thunder, where he pretty much called me a “purist” for wanting to watch the japanese tokusatsu genre and having zero interest in watching power rangers. The son of a bitch can go to hell for that one, and you couldn't pay me to watch a video with him in it every again, which includes this one.


  2. Pat says:


    That's OK, the review acknowledges the fact that a lot of people enjoy this movie. It's really worth watching.

    I really enjoy the Channel Awesome crew. Not all of their stuff is great, but there's so much variety on the site that you'd be hard-pressed to not find something you enjoy. I also like how they seem to try and avoid being cliquish, constantly including new talent into the site and promoting them with crossovers.


  3. lemonvampire says:

    I love the Nostalgia Critic and the rest of Channel Awesome.
    I also really love hearing all that Bob has to say about video games in the Game Overthinker videos, but I really don't like the skits as a framing device in his case.
    Most of the videos on Channel Awesome focus more on the actual reviews than they do on the characters/skits which are worked smoothly into the videos, while with the Game Overthinker videos, the story parts are so uninteresting and so separate from the actual review that it's just jarring and I find myself skipping over them to get to the actual relevant talking points.


  4. InnerPartisan says:

    That's good to hear. I enjoy some of the TGWTG/ChannelAwesome, while I can't stand others (and I'm aware that Doug has voiced his distate for Moulin Rogue in the past).
    What rubs me the wrong way, however, even about the people I *do* like – about almost every “Internet Critic”, really (including, I'm afraid to say, our dear Bob) – is that their business is one of absolutes, if tha makes sense. I.e., either something is the greatest, most awesomest thing EVAR!!!1!one, or it's complete and utter shit, totally devoid of any value whatsoever.


  5. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:

    First of, I like Moulin Rouge and genuinly believes it to be a very good and well put together movie.
    It feels like a fairy tale, because it IS a fairytale.

    And people shouldn't be surprised by this as it goes out of it's way to create a vibrant looking fantasy world, has a story book opening, literately, and even has a mirror ongoing fairytale that matches the un-going plot.
    Thus this is a fairy tale, knows it's a fairytale, and should be watched as a fairy tale! and as such, is'a really good fairy tale! GOD!

    You don't like fairy tales and wants every single movie to be “Realistic.” FINE! but I was lead to understand people here was even with me on that one that movies should be allowed to be fun and, their own little universe, ones in a while -_-;

    And that being said.. I am a newly started video producer as well, and been met with a surprisingly positive energy and what I consider a good chunk of success in relatively short time.
    I love this medium!
    I love the freedom it is given me, that I am allowed to play.
    Yeas I have done shit, yeas there are people who doesn't like my stuff, but I still adore my freedom and my ability to do what I always wanted.
    Making fun entertainment, so I can only appreciate the reviewers community and all which comes with it.

    This video, despite my disagreement, I really liked, for me it looked so fun and vibrant, put so many fun things in it, and used the cross-over aspect just a little differently and a little more freely than usual, which I love.
    Definitely one of my favourite NC videos made. I really liked it.


  6. Aiddon says:


    Well, as long as someone is throwing vitriol around, you're a horrible, whiny, vindictive little brat and I sincerely hope you're rendered sterile by a turkey baster.

    Anyway, Doug and the guys are pretty good at what they do (even if they can get a little self-indulgent). This definitely makes Moulin Rouge actually amusing (god it was such a boring film)


  7. Ezenwa says:


    Congrats on the newfound passion. Good luck. I hope you make it to any site, make something of a living with it, and let your creative juices flow.

    I've been considering that myself, but, alas, I don't truly have the freedom to do so.

    That said, have you posted any stuff yet? And do what you can, for the most part, until SOPA looms on the horizon…


  8. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:


    Thank you very much!

    And erh.. hehe.
    I just recently made it into The Agony booth which has done movie re-caps sinces 2002.

    YEP! that is my site now! and, considering how new I am at this.. this just is not bad at all, not by a long stretch, it's freaking great!

    And for even minor sites, I made it into Tickled fears and Gomer productions.

    Gomer, who has done Podcast with a good chucnk of Site-members, and I are even working hard on developing a new podcast programme.
    Our idea is to make an “Improvisations talk-show.” heavily inspired from stuff like. “Who's line is it any-way.” where we will invite known net cellebs and ask them to be in improvisations games together with our regulars.

    It's going to be great! 😀


  9. Sylocat says:

    You can debate for eons about the writing, acting and art design of Moulin Rouge. And no, Sofie, I don't think every movie needs to be “realistic,” and I do like fairy tales, and silly ones, at that. And this is a fairy tale, yeah, sure.

    But there is one concrete, objective flaw with Moulin Rouge, and with every Baz Luhrmann movie I've ever tried to watch:

    The editing.

    Baz Luhrmann movies literally, physically make me CARSICK. I cannot watch more than thirty seconds of anything of his that I've seen, without feeling like I need to open a window and look at a steady object for several seconds, just to give my eyes a rest.

    They cover this in the video: The art direction and cinematography in Moulin Rouge would probably be great, if we could SEE them. But we can't. Because I cannot recall ever seeing a single shot from a Baz Luhrmann movie that has lasted more than five seconds. I consider any shot that lasts more than ONE second a rarity.

    And that is why I hate Moulin Rouge, so kindly stop implying that it's because I don't want movies to have (and be) fun.


  10. Sylocat says:

    @Aiddon: You got that right. Although I don't actually mind 3D, so long as it's not post-production.

    But yeah… besides, there's already a perfectly good movie of The Great Gatsby, the one with Paul Rudd and Toby Stephens and Mira Sorvino.


  11. kevmon1116 says:


    I think i see a large pole sticking out the backside of your pants. I'd fix that.

    You do realize that the whole breaking-up-the-show-with-skits-to-maintain-interest bit has been around longer than these guys right? Ever watch Bill Nye as a kid? Or any eduactional show for kids? This is the adult, nerd version. I think the format works and it makes the whole process more entertaining.

    Also, how is “Purist” an insult? That's like being insulted at the term “Fanboy”. It just makes you sound like a butthurt little wuss. Grow a pair, you Icy bastard (yeah, I know what your penname means.)

    Getting past that; I actually watched this right before coming to this site. This cracked me up like no tommorow, though I'd argue that the collective works of Linkara are still the standard. That's right Neji, I'm a Linkara fan. I love his stories, I love his reviews. He is awesome! Bite me!


  12. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:


    Where did that come from? what did I say!? if I offended I am sorry!

    Urh.. I have been following the internet producers for a long time with huge interest, I remember so far back as to before the first brawl. I just never had the time to make videos of my own because of education and other small things like that I deem important and want to focus on.

    But for orders sake, as I am not an American, but Danish. I have never ever seen as much as an episode of MST3K

    I didn't grow up with it! I didn't even understand a word English when I was a kid, it was not available to me. and I find it very hard to get into as an adult, despite all the praise I hear about it. Also now when I was all ready into this internet reviewers thing. And that is where I am coming from.

    And as for Moulin Rouge.. yeas, yeas I can agree the editting should have been different.
    I miss the time of Gene Kelley where you didn't edit at all, but just had the dance number in one big swoop shot.
    As far as I am concerned, Bob Fosse was the best musical movie director who ever lived, and all three of his movies are masterpieces.
    Also he does not cut in it, but lets the dancers do their thing, you can totally tell he is a real dance choreographer and love dancing as an art-form, wanting to show it.
    Sometimes the camera movies, but then it becomes a part of the skit and it all ends up on a higher level. it's fascinating to watch!
    And yeah, we should so totally get a person who knows how to choreograph dancing to make the next big hollywood musical movie, I think we need that!

    But script wise, story wise, and sung arrangement wise. I think this is solid. And I like this movie, I have guilty pleasures when it comes to movie, but I wont call this one of them! because I genuinely believe it's good and there's much good in it!

    I don't mind other people don't liking it, it is a kind of special movie. But it annoys me a bit so many flat out calling it shit when I don't think it is.

    And all that being said.. it's a movie, which is ten years old. It all ready did what-ever impact it could, this conversation doesn't even matter. we can just chose to enjoy or not watch it, watch a movie we do enjoy instead.


  13. Ezenwa says:


    I think, logistically, they are working with Screwattack, but they do not have exclusivity to said website, like Spoony isn't exclusive to TGWTG, as he has been at SGC.

    BrentalFloss is a bit of a freelancer, as is Keith Apicary, as is the AVGN. So, although they are connected to places like Screwattack and Gametrailers, they can do their own thing.

    In Moviebob's case, I see this as he drawing from his Escapist Magazine side, than his gamer side.

    That said, still a well-placed compliment.


  14. Joe says:

    I like Moulin Rouge, and still found this awesome.

    Frankly, most musicals–and most operas, for that matter–have shallow characters and melodramatic plots. You watch them for the music, the costumes and the sets.

    @Sofie: Have you seen Confused Matthew's review of Moulin Rouge? He considers it his favourite movie and analyzes it as a fairy tale.

    @Sylocat: Fair point. Frankly, I find this a problem with most films–especially action flicks–made in the last 10-15 years.


  15. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:


    No I have not, I have no idea who Confused Matthew is.

    Erh, I would never go as far as the call Moulin Rouge the best musical movie ever created, it's not a bob fosse movie.
    But heck, I find that a favourite movie comes down to personal history and preference.

    Mine is “A muppets Christmas.” despite the fact that I am well aware it's probably not the best movie I have seen, not even the best muppets movie, but.. it just speaks to me on a whole other level connected to who I am as a person and what I remember from my childhood. “A muppets christmas carol.” makes me happy, thus it's my favourite movie.

    And well, I might just check him out if he can understand to argue good enough, and true enough, for his reasons.
    And he would be right, it never shys away from admitting it's a fairytale, it is what it is.

    And I love fairytales, I wish there were more movies admitting that they a fairytales, to themselves and the audience.


  16. Smashmatt202 says:

    The fuck? I thought I already posted a comment! Oh well…

    I knew Doug Walker didn't like Moulin Rouge, after his Top 10/11 “Movies I hate but everyone else likes” video, but seeing this was a big surprise, especially after seeing BrentalFloss show up! That knocked me out of my chair!

    As for Linkara, I don't know, I think he's mostly just ripping off everyone else's styles and doesn't have much acting talent, and sometimes he's not that, but like you said, there aren't many people in the comic criticism department that's doing what he's doing. Not to mention he's pretty smart and knows his stuff. His storylines are pretty stupid, and characters, aside from 90's Kid, aren't really interesting, but then again, I think his storylines are a winking nod to the convoluted nature of comic book stories, so it fits.

    As for everyone else, I only really watch CR! on a regular basis, and all other contributors vaary depending on what they go over.


  17. Christian says:

    Honestly, I'd love to see a video debate on movies between Bob and Doug Walker. Given that both are film buffs with different opinions on a variety of films, it would be quite the entertainment.


  18. A Tribe Called Helloween says:


    Why? Because Doug thought District 9 sucked? Doug missed the entire point of District 9. Iann Robinson on the other hand, also hated District 9 and hates everything Bob stands for. He also thought Expendables was a top 10 (although bottom 5) movie and HATES Scott Pilgrim (though the movie was better than he thought it would be). Iann would fucking destroy Bob and make him leave like a crying little girl.

    Doug on the other hand has the critic personality of a box of tissues. The fucking videos he does where he gives his own opinions about films is one of the worst things to happen to him. But of course he had to suck out more Blip money. The Bum Reviews were best where we got a funny Bum Review, but at the end was a one sentences clip where he said “Seriously though, this movie sucked.”

    And by the way, that Moulin Rouge review SUUUUUUUUCKED. And I usually like Nostalgia Critic crossover episodes. His reviews of Superman IV and Alone in The Dark with Lewis (and Spoony in the latter) are two of my favorite reviews of his.

    Nostalgia Critic has sucked for a while. it's always been the least good of Doug's works, but sadly it looks like the mediocrity is slipping into all his shit. He can't do an Ask That Guy episode anymore without some stupid retarded gimmick and he hasn't done a Video Game Confessions episode in months.


  19. Arturo says:

    My “relationship” with TGWTG is an odd one. I certainly know that the crew is all very talented and funny and they do have a lot of smart things to say and I'm happy for their success, but for some reason, my interest in them has constantly fluctuated.

    Personal preferences, I guess??


  20. Arturo says:

    First time I've ever seen the movie, BTW. I remember my parents (maybe just my mom) loved it and would keep playing the soundtrack in the car…

    My goodness…. I kept hearing about how awful it is, but I wouldn't believe it until I would see it.


  21. Smashmatt202 says:

    @ Christian

    I like that idea. Doug Walker, while a huge movie buff, has a completely different opinion about movies compared to Bob. In that, well… he's not much of a geek/nerd. He prefers subtlety and more realistic relationships and acting as opposed to something hammy and over-the-top… Which he finds more humorous than engaging.

    The fact that they both differ on their opinions on District 9 is just one thing, they've also had different opinions on Watermen and even the Twilight Saga (that is, until recently).

    Either way, a crossover with ANY TGWTG contributor would be awesome, and I'd totally support it!


  22. Zennistrad says:

    @A Tribe Called Helloween:

    Please elaborate.

    Seriously, if you're going to go out and say that something sucked, then take the time to explain why. That way I can prove you wrong!

    Nah, just pulling your leg. But seriously though, I actually think Doug's been improving lately. His review of “The Cell,” for example, was one of the funniest and most well thought out reviews he's done in a long time, and this video is pretty much a masterpiece.

    If you think that this musical review sucked, than you are probably incapable of being entertained. There's just no other way to explain it, it was funny, the songs were hilarious and wildly entertaining in their hamminess, and the writing was top-notch. I cant' possibly see how anyone could argue that it was bad, and I'm genuinely interested in hearing how it could be done.


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