"Men In Black 3" Has a Magic Eye Poster

Hat-tip: BAD
I’m too lazy to check, but I’m sure it’s a given that someone else has made this joke by now… none the less, it behooves me to point out that it’s kind of wonderfully appropriate that the teaser poster for “Men In Black 3” is built to look like one of those old “Magic Eye” posters: The last time anyone gave two shits about “Men In Black;” Magic Eye was NEW…
There’s a second version of the poster featuring Josh Brolin, who’s playing the circa-1960s version of Tommy Lee Jones’ character from the last one. The plot was supposed to involve time-travel and the origins of the MIB organization; but apparently it’s been extensively rewritten (leading to a scandalously-overblown budget, or so goes the gossip) so at this point who knows/cares?

3 thoughts on “"Men In Black 3" Has a Magic Eye Poster

  1. biomechanical923 says:

    MIB 2 was un-watchably bad. (The scenes with Lara Flynn-Boyle and Johnny Knoxville)
    I saw a little bit of it on TV once, and I needed to turn the channel out of embarrassment. I think it would have gone straight to the DVD bin if not for the budget which was probably over 100 million.


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