"Men In Black 3" Has a Magic Eye Poster

Hat-tip: BAD
I’m too lazy to check, but I’m sure it’s a given that someone else has made this joke by now… none the less, it behooves me to point out that it’s kind of wonderfully appropriate that the teaser┬áposter for “Men In Black 3” is built to look like one of those old “Magic Eye” posters: The last time anyone gave two shits about “Men In Black;” Magic Eye was NEW…
There’s a second version of the poster featuring Josh Brolin, who’s playing the circa-1960s version of Tommy Lee Jones’ character from the last one. The plot was supposed to involve time-travel and the origins of the MIB organization; but apparently it’s been extensively rewritten (leading to a scandalously-overblown budget, or so goes the gossip) so at this point who knows/cares?

3 thoughts on “"Men In Black 3" Has a Magic Eye Poster

  1. biomechanical923 says:

    MIB 2 was un-watchably bad. (The scenes with Lara Flynn-Boyle and Johnny Knoxville)
    I saw a little bit of it on TV once, and I needed to turn the channel out of embarrassment. I think it would have gone straight to the DVD bin if not for the budget which was probably over 100 million.


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