Good "Dark Knight Rises" Poster

I’m not quite ready to change my “innevitably recieved as a dissapointment, regardles of it’s actual merits” projection of “The Dark Knight Rises.” But the new poster, which builds on the idea that this is the end of the story as opposed to just the part where they stop, has a lot of promise.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If they did go all the way and kill Batman, that would be the kind of ballsy move that could concievably “top” the last one.

14 thoughts on “Good "Dark Knight Rises" Poster

  1. Brendan Falconer says:

    I love the finality of this poster. Wonderfully bleak imagery going on here.

    Honestly, I don't think this movie will disappoint. To me the hard part is done…

    We got one new Batman that re-awakened the franchise, another that absolutely dominated the screens for a number of reasons, now we get a third and final part. Still by the same creator, still part of the same story and certainly seeming to be the last part.

    This is the film they can take as many chances with as they like. It will be a hit, and part of that could come from the audience anticipation of “will Batman die?”


  2. Anonymous says:

    What im trying to figure out is the color scheme of the movie. The other posters were in the colors of the movie ie Bronze and black for Begins and Blue and Black for Dark Knight. It seems like hes going with a black and white palette but that seems like itd be way to boring for a whole movie.


  3. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:

    Okay first of.

    WAUW! A movie superhero who gets an on screen definitive fucking end?

    I mean.. there's all this bloody origins and beginnings out there that I guess my subconscious have been sighing deeply to just try an experience a super-hero end. Just ones!

    Resolution! definitive consequences for the actions taken, PAY OFF! good god, wauw! Even if people get disappointed, I can't help but kind of hope this is going to be a trend setter! I mean actually endings on the stories!? closure? man that would be nice.

    You know what they say, nothing is ever as good as the ending. Kind of hard to feel that much about this super-hero stories which in reality lacks endings.

    That's how Superman returns could have been an awesome movie.. “Superman ends.” the resolution to all of the things going on, then it would have been worth pulling the same continuity back instead of a re-boot.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Bitchin'. Also, did someone say “black and white color palate” and “but that seems like itd be way to boring for a whole movie” in the same sentence? Never seen am classic have we?


  5. Anonymous says:

    Bob, I love ya dude, but I really think you're going to be eating your words come July. I went nuts for the Avengers trailer. I've already put in for time off so I can see it opening day. But nothing Avengers related has me as elated as that poster. Chills, literally, chills. Combine that with the things people are saying about the seven minute preview, and Batman wins, at least in terms of making me psyched.

    I think Nolan is fully aware of the bar he has set himself, and I think he's going for nothing less than a full-on, honest-to-god, shoot-for-the-stars attempt at making the most epic superhero film ever made. This is they guy who twice made a movie that made me go “okay, THAT'S now the best superhero movie I've ever seen.”

    Yeah, In may be setting myself up for disappointment, but I like throwing myself in whole hog. Sure, I've been wrong before, but I've also been right and nothing feels better than going on all-in and winning the jackpot.


  6. Aiddon says:

    I think the only one who's thinking it'll be a disappointment is you. Oddly no one seems to be saying that they don't think it'll meet expectation because Nolan is one of the best directors of the last decade.


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