A Trailer For The Trailer For The Remake Of "Total Recall."


20 thoughts on “A Trailer For The Trailer For The Remake Of "Total Recall."

  1. Ohne Skript says:

    If it is near the original story than the first total recall movie, it can be awesome.
    the short story from philip k. dick is sooo much better than the first movie SOOO MUCH!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Really? We're now remaking iconic blockbusters from as late as the 1990s? What's next, a remake of Crimson Tide? Why not draw from one of the untapped other mindfuck stories of Philip K. Dick and just advertise it as “from the twisted mind that brought you Blade Runner and Total Recall“?


  3. 9jack9 says:

    I will admit, the design of the mooks, Stormtroopers by way of the Mass Effect universe, is right up my ally. If taking the title and little else from a lesser (though still very watchable) Verheoven flick is what it takes to give me a big budget cyberpunk flick, then I'm okay with that.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Was that the chick from Underworld? While that generally means the movie will be crap (As if Collin Ferrel didn't signify that anyway.)

    At least it's another movie with the potential to yield a nude scene with her.


  5. Mr. Gone says:

    I don't get the Colin Farrell hate. Sure, “Alexander,” but “Tigerland,” “A Home at the End of the World,” “Minority Report,” and especially fucking “IN BRUGES,” all seem to back up him being pretty damn good.


  6. B.L.C. Agnew says:

    Okay, apart from the “let's all be Inception's trailer” stuff going on. . . I was pretty okay with it. Len Wiseman is a legitimately talented action director with a great eye for gorgeous production design (on display here) and Colin Farrell was in the only good remake of last year. And he's a legitimately good actor and it's a damn shame he never “happened.”

    So yeah, as long as the movie can be as smart as it has the potential to be and offers some cool sci-fi thrills, I'm all for it.


  7. Anonymous says:

    I can't bring myself to get upset over this one. It is nothing more than an announcement trailer for a movie trailer that is coming out Sunday. Although I do appreciate the metaness of it.


  8. kevmon1116 says:

    Dare I ask… Why???

    Why are they remaking this? What's the point? What was there about the first Total Recall that required them to make this? It was an action Sci-fi movie that, in my opinion, did fine on its own. It's not great cinema by any stretch of the imagination, but it was pretty good as a run-of-the-mill action flick. Why remake it? What possible reason could they have to remake it.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Yo dawg I heard you like trailers so I made a trailer for the trailer….

    It's shit like this that convinces me that the world's IQ could jump at least a dozen points if we were to perform the wholesale slaughter of people who work in marketing.


  10. Pat says:


    It's simple. Brand name recognition.

    RedLetterMedia talks about it in their review of the new “Star Trek” movie (they call it the “blurring effect”).

    Basically, in this day and age, it gets harder and harder for films to grab an audience since they have a lot to compete against. In general, films with some kind of brand recognition or nostalgic tie-in tend to pull in greater audiences, while films that audiences have next to no prior knowledge about tend to live and die solely by reviews and word-of-mouth.

    For example, “John Carter”, which most average people have never heard of, but was a perfectly serviceable action film, did abysmally in the box office while action films that are just as good or worse did far better, mostly because of some sort of brand recognition (like “Transformers”).

    This is why they're making another G.I. Joe movie and a movie called “Battleship”.

    “Total Recall”, regardless of whether or not people have seen it, is a well-known movie, primarily for being a Schwarzenegger movie. Specifically, being one of the few Schwarzenegger movies that critics actually liked. It's also known as that movie with the “three-boobed chick”.

    So basically, when this movie comes out, general audiences will go “Hey, isn't that a remake of that one Schwarzenegger movie with the three-boobed chick?” “Yeah, I think so. I never saw that movie though.” “Hey, why don't we see this remake instead. The trailer had lots of cool-looking action. And maybe they'll have another three-boobed chick.”

    Likewise, with “Battleship”, general audiences will go “What the hell, a movie about Battleship? That old board game? This is ridiculous!” “Yeah, but it looks like fun. It has aliens and looks like those Transformers movies a little.” “Hey, maybe at one point someone will look at the camera and say 'You sunk my Battleship!' That would be so funny!” “Yeah, let's go see this movie ironically!” I mean, this movie seems to have next to nothing to do with the actual game. But if it didn't have that brand name recognition, I guarantee you it would be a massive failure in the box office.

    That's the power of name/brand recognition. If there's a prior relationship established with an audience, you'll be able to draw their attention to the production. This is also why Broadway almost never produces musicals that aren't based on something anymore (the only one that comes to mind is “Avenue Q”).

    That's not to say that this tactic always works. If something has name recognition but the trailer makes it look boring and the critical reviews are awful and people hear from their Facebook friends that it's awful, then they usually won't bother (unless it's a kids movie and they need something to shut their children up with). For example, if the new “Star Trek” movie had trailers that made it look more like… well, a Star Trek movie, and the reviews were more middling, I doubt it would have been as explosive in the box office. But because general audiences knew what Star Trek was, and the trailers and reviews made it look a lot more fun than those other Star Trek things they never bothered with, they decided to go check it out.

    So basically, the studio is hoping that general audiences will have a positive conditioned response to the title “Total Recall” that brings up positive memories of Schwarzenegger and three-boobed aliens, and that they'll think the trailer looks nifty. If the critics pan it, then it might be enough to deter curious parties, but honestly, I think we can expect moderate success with this movie depending on when it comes out.

    I hope this has been educational, because now I'm all depressed.


  11. Omorka says:

    Aside from everything else – is that a modified proton-pack-powering-up noise from Ghostbusters at 7 seconds in, or is that just me?


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