Lousy Title, Good Trailer, Killer Premise

It’s been assumed for awhile that if “Avengers” is a success it’ll spur a interest in other “team-up” movies; but Dreamworks Animation isn’t waiting around. Here’s the trailer for “Rise of The Guardians,” in which an evil force is combatted by a team of famous figures: Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy and The Sandman.

Someone didn’t think of this sooner because…?

22 thoughts on “Lousy Title, Good Trailer, Killer Premise

  1. R says:

    Oh jeez laweez, why does every moderately successful idea have to be beaten to death by Hollywood? SOmething works? BAM! 100000 more of the same thing, only worse. Just goes to show that the idea-well over there in Los Angeles is well and truly dried up.


  2. Tony says:

    Just so folks know this is actually based on a book series, admittedly the books only started last year.
    “The Guardians of Childhood”


  3. Joshua the Anarchist says:

    A Russian sword-wielding Santa with “naughty or nice” forearm tattoos? Boo-yah!!

    I remember the concept art for this coming out, been looking forward too it. What I really love about this trailer is that it doesn't look like a typical Dreamworks movies, I.E. not another zany comedy full of pop culture references. With this kinda premise, you'd think they'd feel the need to be all “self-aware”. But no, it looks like they're making a movie about a Justice League of Holiday Figures…and playing it completely straight. Well played, Dreamworks.


  4. Lido says:

    Russian sword wielding santa with a rocket slay? Australian easter bunny? I am so fucking down for this movie, it's good to see Dreamworks finally putting out a product of actual quality other then the normal shit they spew *cough Lorax *cough Madagascar 3


  5. Anonymous says:

    This was, I thought, the only good thing that was potentially brought up in the crappy Tim Allen “Santa Clause” movie sequels (in that, they were the “Council of Legendary Figures” consisting of the four featured, Mother Nature, Father Time, Cupid, and Jack Frost, sort of).


  6. B.L.C. Agnew says:

    That is. . . legitimately intriguing. I'm all about “older” versions of mythology leaking into the modern world, and this particular concept tickles my fancy.

    Like, in an “American Gods for kids” way. And I DIG that.

    Also, major props for sampling Marc Streitenfeld's killer Robin Hood score during the trailer – great music for a seriously underrated movie.


  7. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:

    Okay, what really stuns me about this is that.
    The concept itself isn't that new, and usually when some-one got a similar idea they would try to make a “Hip radical fun snark cash in.” movie filled with recent cultural references and trying to be in with the kids similar to “Despicable me.” “Monsters and Aliens.” “Shrek.” “Madagascar.” you get the idea, and that is what I exspected hearing the description..

    Well, maybe this movie started up like that on the drawing board while the studio was still in it's shrek sequel phase.. but this movie takes itself fucking seriously.
    In this trailer there was no penis jokes, no cultural reference jokes, no electrical music, there wasn't even a stop in soundtrack for the trailer to say. “Huh huh, look we stopped, cause it's fuuuuny, really it is!”

    That's AMAZING! this trailer was genuinely a turn on for me with a movie I would otherwise have avoided like the pest.


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