Random Thoughts 4/22/12

People seem to remember “Summer Rental” more, but “The Great Outdoors” is the superior John Candy Goes On Vacation movie.

A “Late Shift”-style movie chronicling the collapse of “Chapelle’s Show,” Dave Chapelle’s subsequent career-immolation and they way both (briefly) led to the otherwise-inexplicable elevation of one-joke-wonder Carlos Mencia to “stardom” would be a thousand times more interesting and funny than any YouTube clip from either series that people insist is “a classic bit” and “still totally holds up.”

There have never been enough video games where you play as a non-human, non-biped character.

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It is, with rare exception, bad form to “go after” the families/spouses of political candidates. However, it is an unavoidable truism that Mitt Romney’s kids look/act just like the bad guys in “Disturbing Behavior.”

Reading that sentence is the first time anyone has thought of “Disturbing Behavior” in over a decade.

Are Harvey Danger and Nada Surf still recording/performing? I’d like to know, just not enough to actually google it.

The secret to Ron Paul’s political viability is that The Internet has made it possible for all the young people with that special combination of being nonempathetic enough to be “conservative” before turning 30, paranoid enough to believe a 1984-style dictatorship is still a remote possibility yet far too comfortably class-sheltered to rock the bunker/militia/seperatist scene to find eachother.

If the rules in “Inception” really are meant to be a metaphor for Christopher Nolan’s approach to creating/maintaining audience-immersion in filmmaking, then “The Dark Knight Rises” will be 3 minutes long – ending immediately after Mario Cotillard appears out of nowhere and shoots Christian Bale in the face after having uttered one word in his ridiculous Batman-Voice.

The Internet will go waaaaaay to easy on “The Amazing Spider-Man,” way too hard on “The Man of Steel,” and will not “own up” to either case until at least 2016.

The reason that glam-metal/cock-rock/butt-rock/arena-rock etc. “went away” is that hip-hop went mainstream and filled in the “aggressive/self-mythologizing/hypermasculine/teen-male-anger/music-to-enter-the-stadium-to” niche. There’s a sociology paper in there, somewhere…

If you honestly do not “get” why the “Obama eats dogs!” meme is blatantly fueled by an undercurrent of oldschool xenophobia, “other-ism” and – yes – racism; while the “Romney put his dog on the car roof!” meme is at worst a mountain/molehill situation… I don’t know that I can help you.

Every member of the mainstream Entertainment Press who is legitimately SHOCKED that “Think Like a Man” opened at Number 1 this weekend is basically admitting that they don’t have very many black friends and/or are not nearly as attuned to the popular-culture outside of their own “niche” of it than they probably assumed they were.

62 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 4/22/12

  1. S. James says:

    Harvey Danger released 2 albums online in the past 7 years, the first being Little By Little, a reunion album of sorts that was actually quite good and The Dead Sea Scrolls, a b-side and rarities compilation that celebrated their breakup in 2009.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes, I feel for you Bob. As far as audience perception of you goes you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you begin every single statement with “In my humblest of opinions,” you make yourself into an obsequious fool, but if you come out and state an honest opinion bluntly, without qualification, you're labeled as an egotistical prick. I like your work when you focus on films and video games, but disagree with you pretty consistently on your politics. It seems everyone has an opinion on everyones' opinions.

    That said, I'd really like to see that Chapelle's Show movie you mentioned. Could Comedy Central have acted any more like a jilted lover after he left the network? It's pathetic.


  3. Zacqary Adam Green says:

    Spot on with the Ron Paul stuff, Bob.

    Of course, that's not to say that a Brazil-style derptatorship isn't a very real possibility. That's the bogeyman that people who actually know what they're talking about fight against.


  4. Shannon says:

    @James Oh, just give it a rest already, will ya? I can already see where you going with that question and know already how you'll twist what he said/meant.

    Look man, I know you think Bob is somehow being hypocritical and misrepresenting himself or some such thing. The fact is though that he isn't and he doesn't owe you a thing, much less any admission of anything. Given much of what you've said, you're just resentful of him because he isn't living up to some expectations and image that you have tried to place on him. You can think he's arrogant all you want, but he isn't a hypocrite for not living up to your ideal of him.

    And to be perfectly honest, for someone you claim is such a pompous jerk, Bob has been more than patient with you and your constant (near daily) nonsense. If I were him, I'd've blocked you a long time ago and possibly more than that, because what you're doing is nothing short of harassment.


  5. Sylocat says:

    Heck, it could be argued that a Brave New World-style dystopia is already here to some extent.

    @James: Congratulations! You have just stolen Jannie's title of “most mind-blowingly inane troll with a disturbing fixation on Bob Chipman.”


  6. Lee Kalba says:

    You know, I'd love to say something terrible about that picture because I like being contrary and fostering an image of the dark, brooding artist, but goddamn that's cute. Those are some fucking cute kitties.

    Does James remind anyone else of Glenn Beck?


  7. Goku50k says:

    Not sure why we need a sarcastic Nolan universe Batman comment, or even a sarcastaic Nolan comment at all. As I've said before I am not one of these “In Nolan we Trust” guys but he is a very good filmmaker and he has done a great job on the Batman Universe. Personally I believe that TDKR is going to be spectacular and a whole lot better than The Avengers. Though I find it funny how Bob hasnt said a negative thing about that movie up to this point. Then again as I've been saying, if you are a fan of gimmicky comic book films then Avengers is your film but if you want something that actually seems like a movie that doesnt over use special effects, has a story and what seems like a good villain instead of a sniviling little brat/I have nothing more then brother and daddy issues type of villain then TDKR is your film. Then again people are getting “tired” of the Nolan Batman films but to be honest i would rather have those type of comic book films then something that looks like its just been ripped from the pages of a comic book. But then again…thats just me.


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