Will "Machete" Battle Mel Gibson?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Mel Gibson seems – at long last – to finally be near “the bottom.” I’ve long rejected the idea that there could be (or need to be) anything ‘wrong’ with him other than garden variety anti-semitism and Christian whackjobbery, possibly exacerbated by alcoholism… but you can’t listen to that Joe Esterhasz tape and not conclude that there may actually be something profoundly broken in the way this guy is wired – he could very well have a serious mental illness.

In any case, he’s in deep shit career-wise: “The Beaver” tanked, his new movie is going straight-to-DVD, nobody wants to make his Viking movie and the Maccabees project is almost-certainly dead. At this point, he’s only slightly more employable than Lindsay Lohan or Steven Seagal… and, appropriately, he may next be going exactly where they did: A stunt-casting guest-spot in an in-betweener Robert Rodriguez “Machete” movie.

Yeah. Not a joke. Deadline reports that Gibson is close to signing on for an unspecified role in the sequel “Machete Kills,” which is supposed to involve Danny Trejo’s titular vigilante being conscripted by the U.S. and Mexican governments to stop a druglord’s plan to launch a rocket into outer space because… whatever, it’s “Moonraker” but with Machete. I’m wondering if they plan to keep playing the political angle from the first movie – tongue in cheek or not, setting Machete up as striking back against the then-raging anti-immigrant fervor in the U.S. did a lot to elevate the film above the usual Rodriguez grindhouse homage schtick.

FWIW, Rodriguez said in the past that his grand plan was for “Machete 3” (“Machete Kills Again”) to be a “space opera.” I’d kind of love it if he was serious, and the “space rocket” stuff in this one led to Machete winding up on an alien world a’la Flash Gordon or John Carter at the very end. If nothing else it’d “go” nicely with Rodriguez next big planned movie after this and “Sin City 2;” a live-action remake of the Ralph Bakshi/Frank Frazetta collaboration “Fire & Ice.”

5 thoughts on “Will "Machete" Battle Mel Gibson?

  1. Anonymous says:

    It makes an odd kind of sense that Machete's next nemesis would be Mel Gibson, provided that Mel Gibson plays an embodiment of hatred deeply rooted in batshit-insane religious zealotry (i.e. he plays himself). Personally, I want to find out if the rumours that Tony Jaa will be making an appearance turn out to be true.


  2. Hyrabethian says:

    Mel's a celebrity. Personally I believe it takes a certain breed of human being to be one and not eventually go nuts (royalty is usually groomed from birth to deal with such pressures), and last I checked Mel has been in the business since the early 80s. That's more the 30 years of living in the spot lite.

    It's a lot like how Dave Chapelle put it when he was featured inside the actors studio. The business just has a way of driving a person nuts or run away to Africa in Chapelles case.


  3. Jake says:

    While I whole heartedly agree that Gibson is an Anti Semite and an all around jerk, I honestly did not think The Passion of the Christ was anti-semetic. The Roman soldiers were cast in a worst light, how is it anti-semitic to show the chief priests as corrupt, which they were, as they were hand picked by the Roman government. And don't tell me it's because they all have big noses, Jesus in the movie also had a big nose.

    And there's plenty of Jews who are shown in a positive light, Simon of Cyrene who helped carry Jesus cross, Veronica who wiped Jesus face, and uh….

    Gibson even threw in a line from the traditional Passover Sader early in the movie.


  4. Jake says:

    Ok, I just listened to that tape for the first time… WOW! But still, The Passion is not as hateful as some people make it out to be.


  5. David (The Pants) says:

    This is related to your TBP from this week: IMDB apparently says that Machete is the SAME guy who was the real uncle (Machete Cortez) in the Spy Kids movies. He's listed as “Uncle Machete” for Spy Kids 4 on the site, and as “Machete Cortez” in Machete. Crazy, no?


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