BREAKING! Breitbart’s Boors Bash Brony Beehive!

Ah, good. Here’s my entertainment for the weekend.

Kurt Schlitcher, a contributor to the late Andrew Breitbart’s paranoid-loner feeding-trough masquerading as a “Conservative” movie-blog “Big Hollywood,” has caught up with the year-old phenomenon of “Bronies” (adult/male fans of the “My Little Pony” reboot)… and has decided they’re a threat to America, masculinity and Western Civilization.

Money quote from Schlichter:

“As sickening as it is, we can’t just ban grown men from acting like idiots because we disapprove of their lifestyle choices – after all, we aren’t progressives. It’s still a free country – coincidentally due entirely to the efforts of men and women who put aside childish things to contribute to society instead of feeding at the trough and then sitting on their expansive backsides as they eagerly clap like seals at the antics of colorful cartoon steeds.”

Yegh. Now, I’m not a Brony myself – it’s a clever show, not really my bag, I lean in more of an “Adventure Time” direction, etc – but I “get” why it’s popular, why it has it’s surprising adult/male fanbase (I’m talking outside of it’s place in the cartoon-fetishism realm, different discussion) and so on. But even if I didn’t care for the series, this sort of thing boils my blood.

The tiresome fixation of “cultural conservatives” and “traditionalists” on binary gender-divisions in popular culture – the nonexistant “War on Boys,” the fringe of “Men’s Rights Activism,” the resistance to anti-bullying legislation (“it’s not bullying, it’s how boys learn to be MEN!”), the terror at the “feminization of society” – it’s all part of the same last-ditch backlash fueling the activist anti-abortion/contraception movements, the resistance to gay marriage and the campaigns of clowns like Rick Santorum: The last remnants of the Bad Old Days lashing out as it dawns on them that their anachronistic patriarchy and all the social, religious and cultural superstitions that went with it are crumbling… but still alive enough to do damage on their way down.

As I said, I may not be a Brony; but I’ve seen how well that particular fandom can mobilize when it gets it’s dander up about something – and while I’ve had my differences of late with The Internet (and do NOT endorse illegal/harassing behavior) I can think of few cultural-entities more worthy of It’s attention than Schlichter and the rest of the noxious Breitbart Clique…

So, then, HERE’S the original article.

HERE’S “Big Hollywood,” the main website on which it appeared.

HERE’S, the central hub from which BH originates.

HERE’s where you’d contact the site.

Oh, and Kurt Schlichter is on Twitter @KurtSchlichter

And lest you feel that maybe giving and/or “The Bigs” a headache over this one stupid article is a bit silly, remember – they were also behind THIS. Gotta love the New Media…

46 thoughts on “BREAKING! Breitbart’s Boors Bash Brony Beehive!

  1. ZigTheHunter says:

    I saw the article linked retweeted by you and that article was one of the most hateful and disgusting things I have ever read; and this is from someone who has not watched the show. I have no problem with the show, its not really my thing, nor do I have much problems with its fans.

    I can't believe their are people who get this worked up over people liking what they like. and go to such great lengths to be as condescending and insulting towards these fans. The levels of close-mindedness and assholery here is truly astounding. Why do they care, just why? what is this accomplishing? go ahead have your close-minded thoughts, but why go after them when they did nothing to you.


  2. Joey says:

    Okay, although I generally ignore/am annoyed by insanity like this, I think it is about time our friends from the right wing learn about the true power of the internet.


  3. James says:

    These idiots like Schlicter are just that; idiots. Breitbart's sites are filled with scumbags who promote hatred and vitriol against anything that challenges their viewpoints. It's shameful.

    However, and I mentioned this to you before, Bob, this is just ONE side acting like douches. There's plenty of idiocy on left-wing leaning sites as well. Just check out Huffington Post articles pertaining to Israel and vaccines, and watch the hatred fly. Ignorance doesn't hold political allegiance; it's capable of affecting everyone.


  4. James says:

    Sylocat: I wouldn't need to keep bringing this up if Bob wasn't an intellectually dishonest douche who thinks that just because one side is worse, the other side gets a free pass for all their wrongdoing.

    Look, I'll admit I'm biased, but at least when a prominent libertarian says or does something stupid, I will call them out on it. I will not, like Bob does, come up with stupid rationalizations or dishonest excuses.


  5. john says:

    Oh, right, because being opposed to the killing of developing persons couldn't possibly stem from any reason other backlash at Scary New Things like abortion, which is so recent that they were doing it in the third millennium BC. Yep, knee-jerk reactionaryism, that's what that is. Couldn't possibly be a general opposition to murder or something.


  6. Taylor says:

    @James: Stupid rationalizations…you mean like pushing aside this article and reflexively pointing out that other people also did bad things unrelated to the issue at hand?


  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I gotta say, the amount of hate Schlichter spews out in this article is mind numbing. Christ, its a childrens cartoon show, that managed to gain fans outside its target demographic, not the antichrist.

    quote from the article:

    “Watching James T. Kirk teaches young males key life lessons – that violence is an important option for defeating evil, that individual dignity is worth fighting for, and that scoring with green alien chicks is awesome.”

    Jepp, mankind sure does not solve enough problems with violence you guys. Now lets blow up some evil guys (defined as any group with agendas that dont coincide with the will of the great divine american empire of course), and score some chicks! YEEEEHAAAW!

    Seriously, as a Norwegian i am kinda getting freaked out here. So i am asking you (sane, hopefully) americans reading this right now: Is america really filled with people like this? I dont even know how to define them. Normally, i would say a person expressing views like this was part of a bad comedy sketch…


  8. antecedentless says:

    Saying something out of ignorance does not make a man an ignorant mysongist pro-bullying pig.

    The man is a Vet for Christ's sake. He deserves the vile for his foolish post, but there is no need to conclude that this man is an evil man.

    EDIT: oh dear… its on the Erik Erickson show now… I hope my fellow conservatives wise up before this spreads any further.


  9. Mister Linton says:

    ZigtheHunter said:
    “I can't believe their are people who get this worked up over people liking what they like. and go to such great lengths to be as condescending and insulting towards these fans. The levels of close-mindedness and assholery here is truly astounding. Why do they care, just why? what is this accomplishing? go ahead have your close-minded thoughts, but why go after them when they did nothing to you.”

    I point you to MovieBob's movie reviews of The Expendables and Transformer films.


  10. Taylor says:

    @Mister Linton:
    That's different: he dislikes those movies because they are very bad MOVIES, not because he hates traditional masculinity.

    No, saying something out of ignorance does not make a man an ignorant mysongist pro-bullying pig.

    Saying THIS does: Yeah, some will say it’s unfair to compare a bunch of harmless fem-boys who stopped maturing at age seven with the heroic men and women facing death or dismemberment on all our behalves every day. People who say that are wrong. These perma-virgins ought to be ashamed of themselves, but if they had the capacity for shame, this disgusting obsession would be a secret they guard almost as closely as a Harvard faculty member might guard the fact that he’s a registered Republican.

    And I don't give a crap if he's a veteran. I don't put up with these kind of ignorant ramblings from ANYONE. I'm sure there are veterans in the KKK, but I don't cut them any slack for it.


  11. Smashmatt202 says:

    I just got a response from Equestria Daily: they don't do negative raids.

    Yeah, I can see why, responding in such an immature way would only prove the stereotype they've put on us.

    Oh well, I'm still spreading the word about this.


  12. GabuEx says:

    The last thing anyone needs to do here is to attack Kurt over this. That will do nothing but put him on the defensive and embolden him against bronies. The only two responses people should put forth about this are to either a) ignore this clearly attention-seeking article entirely, or b) respond in a positive, constructive manner. If bronies are better than Kurt claims we are, then we ought to prove it.

    I for one am happy to see that almost every response to that post has been along these lines. I just hope it stays that way.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Different Anonymous here,

    Bob, I just want to say, as an aspiring journalist it's disheartening to see such vitriol spew forth from the mouths of public figures that some will inevitably take for fact.

    It's also disheartening to see my tweets on the subject get responses such as “Libtard” and “So? This is how the real world thinks.” from grown men. Ignoring my political affiliations, personal feelings towards MLP (There aren't any), and my limited knowledge of Breitbart and company for a minute, what justification is there for people like these to exist? I can't for the life of me think of one. Not ten minutes ago, a grown man used his twitter account (does he not have family or friends he desires the respect of?) to call me a “Pussy. No spine. Typical p.o.s. Libtard.”

    I am ONE GUY…on the INTERNET…and there are apparently many more like him.


    Ignoring your own affiliations as well, keep doing what you've got to do to provide an intelligent opinion in the face of judgemental monsters like these.


  14. Arturo says:

    I think I might be out of the loop on this one:
    has anyone at any point declared that Adventure Time and My Little Pony are supposed to be rivals, and not just in a popularity/ratings sort of way, or is Bob just using AT as an example for the kinds of cartoons he tends to get into the most?


  15. Anonymous says:

    The fact that you brought up the Shirley Sherrod firing (which wasn't even Breitbart's fault, even liberal Chris Matthews will tell you that)and posted links to everything even tangentally related to Breitbart means your stupid screed has nothing to do with what Schlicter said about Bronies, you just hate conservatives. It's an opportunistic ploy to try to get MLP fans to attack a group of people you don't like. Someone else on here said something about liberals not being as bad as conservatives. That's right. Liberals are far worse! Trying to get someone to raid a site you don't like? Only liberals would do that. Turns out, that whole open-mindedness and tolerance thing libs like to brag about is all talk.


  16. Smashmatt202 says:

    While I don't agree about the whole “liberals” thing… Yeah, I'm kind of seeing what he's saying… Basically Bob is trying to get us Bronies riled enough to attack this guy. For what, for insulting the show we love? Don't you think we've seen that enough time before? Why mobilize all our forces against him, especially considering that's the SAME kind of reaction that Bob keeps pleading gamers to stop with stuff like the Batman: Arkham Asylum “controversy” and stuff about the Red Cross and all that junk. Even if it IS well-deserved in his eyes, it seems kind of rude and… just not cool, to mislead a fanbase she he openly admits he's not apart of.


  17. Anonymous says:

    @Smashmatt202 Same anon here.

    Yeah, the liberals remark was out of line on my part. That was a gross over-generalization.
    For what it's worth, I think Schlicter went too far, he didn't do the research, and he lumped in everyone who likes the show with the most extreme members of the fanbase and so on.
    Still, I don't think that gives Bob the right to try and turn Bronies into his own personal army against a site he doesn't like.


  18. Anonymous says:


    New anonymous here.

    When was the last time u saw a vagina in the open light?

    Yeah that's what we thought.

    Get a life. A real life. Not being a tough guy behind some shitty blog.

    That is all.


  19. Smashmatt202 says:

    @ Anonymous #1

    Yeah, exactly.

    @ Anonymous #2

    Okay, why on EARTH would I want to see a vagina in the open light? And why does doing so mean I have a life? Seriously, why are you even talking to me?


  20. Anonymous says:

    So this guy is using his twitter to tell veterans they don't deserve their medals because they enjoy My Little Pony? Uh…

    …yeah, just don't have words for that one…


  21. Taylor says:

    Oh lord, where even are we. Pathetic men deciding whether bronies have political value… what went wrong with our lives that this is how we spend our free time, judging the value of political opinions as third-hand observers… what essential task did we fail at?


  22. Thorbs says:

    I'm not a brony, but I have to admit to having a great deal of respect for the community. Reading their responses on the article is a delight to someone like myself who reads a lot of popular gaming/political/atheist blogs, and the flame wars they attract.

    Seeing such well thought-out and reasoned comments from the bronies, on what amounts to an attack-piece, gives me hope for the future of civil discourse on the internet.

    Maybe some of the regulars here could learn a thing or two from them! 😛


  23. Anonymous says:

    James, why don't you just propose to Bob already? Everyone else can see it. Just be honest with yourself! Come out of the closet and embrace your inner stalker!


  24. Deimos Masque says:

    What I actually found interesting here is how many conservative commenters on the article are calling out the article for the vile-filled rant that it was.

    Pointing out the reasons it is liked by more than it's original pre-teen girl demographic, how even people in the military watch it.

    Even better, some who don't even watch the show are speculating on the positive reasons that people may be drawn to the show beyond “they are creepy fem-men who just wish the were prissy girls.”

    Sure there are the commenters that are being exactly what you'd expect based on the articles content. But you even get that on the Escapist.

    Also, not a Bronie myself. Even resisted watching the show since a few online friends I had over hyped it, but it is a smart little show that I can enjoy having on in the background while I work on photos or am reading comics. My wife loves it so I watch an episode or two with her a night before bed.


  25. Anonymous says:

    The people at Breitbart are Real Life trolls. Don't feed them. Going to their site to tell them they are douche bags only gives them hits and the smug satisfaction that they are getting under people's skin.


  26. GEL says:

    In a weird way, this article is actually a victory for some bronies! XD

    No, really, the Brony phenomenon began on 4chan and while the love for the show is real, the whole act of “wearing it proudly” is (or was) mostly done as a joke, playing up the love.

    Why? Because of exactly this. Because there are people out there who are SO jawdroppingly insecure about their own masculinity that they absolutely flip out just like this guy did. I mean, really, THAT was hilarious.


  27. Megabyte says:

    Pissing off Bob in 3… 2… 1…

    But doesn't this whole argument sound about the same as this?

    I don't know, he went off about how this is about conservative (seriously, Bob… ham sandwiches are not always full of politics… knock it the hell off) men afraid to lose their masculinity or some such drivel… you know… instead of one person being an idiot. This is really all that came to mind…. a whole bunch of idiots trying not to look retarded while fighting over something amazingly god damn stupid.


  28. Ironhammerstew says:

    I clicked on the link that lets you leave a message and sent them something…honestly, it feels really liberating. I would recommend everyone send them messages/posts saying that when you really get down to it and ask “what attributes/qualities/virtues do I want my child to have?”, its the same answer for both boys and girls, and that what tv shows/music/other hobbies they like doesn't really matter. Maybe we dont get the author or the website to retract what they and other conservatives have said. Maybe it changes little. But I say its still worth doing….just to say we did it!


  29. Anonymous says:

    Though I would certainly agree that calling it The War on Boys is sensationalism meant to sell books, the actual phenomenon it describes is quite real. Chalking it up the idea to conservatives' issues with grasping gender issues is so off mark it leaves the realm ignorance enter enters the realm of idiocy. Here is the NYT review the classic text describing the issue “The War Against Boys”:

    I suggest reading it. It wasn't a NYT notable book of the year for nothing.

    Also, your continued thinking that The Men's Rights Movement is synonymous with groups such as the Promise Keepers has well passed into the realm of idiocy. They are distinct groups with different goals. Get off your high horse and start doing some research instead of just regurgitating that part of your gender studies course from college.

    Overall I enjoy your views on feminism. I can tell you've thought a lot about it. But you still frequently fall into the trap of treating women as victims. That women are individuals with no agency. That's pretty much the most chauvinistic thing you can do. Ironically, though, that's exactly how many feminists think of women.


  30. Sanunes says:

    I am just going to walk away from these people and pretend they didn't say anything, for that is the worst thing you can do to a person like that, don't give them the attention they are craving.


  31. Anonymous says:

    I', a conservative and I found this article offensive and tasteless. I'm not a Brony, but I have friends who are and some of them are a lot manlier than this douchebag


  32. Anonymous says:

    Those monkeys used a screenshot from the wrong version of the show.

    That's like writing an article that disparages Star Wars fans and using images taken from the Christmas Special.


  33. Eric Taylor says:

    Bob. We need to discuss something. I've noticed, in several of your postings, a rather glaring grammatical error. Namely, you seem to use “it's” as the possessive of “it”. In that case, you actually should not use the apostrophe. “It's” with the apostrophe is exclusively for when you want to abbreviate “it is”.

    Also, you're awesome and I like your blog and videos and stuff and please don't think I'm being really nitpicky and mean.


  34. JeffBergeron says:

    Sometimes, I feel like I really should really write that article I've been thinking about arguing that Equestria is in fact a minarchist libertarian society, just to annoy these people.


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