Back to Melmac

Go ahead and snicker, but we both know that if “Alf” creator/pupeteer/voice-actor Paul Fusco gets his way and a new movie gets off the ground a lot of us are going to go see it.

I don’t know that “Alf” (it means “Alien Life Form”) has the kind of longevity that other properties have had – i.e. I don’t know that anyone born after it went off the air knows/cares that it ever existed; but the basic pitch was “What if E.T. stuck around, and was a sarcastic pain-in-the-ass?”

Part of the running joke of the series was that we only ever heard about Alf’s (real name: Gordon Schumway) destroyed homeworld of Melmac through his own second-hand accounts, and the descriptions vacillated between the entire civilization being as boorish/silly as he was and the occasional bit of unexpected depth or pathos – at one point we learn that Alf/Gordon was some sort of soldier; an “orbital guard” who was spared because he was offworld when Melmac exploded. (I recall that actual cause of the destruction is alluded to have been either a nuclear accident or conflict; though at least once Alf’s answer was “we all plugged in our hairdryers at the same time.) Presumably, a feature film would expand on that sort of material in some way.

If it happens, this would be the second “Alf” movie. The original series was canceled after ending on a cliffhanger where Alf is finally captured by government alien-hunters, and wasn’t “resolved” until a terrible TV movie called “Project: Alf” many years later.

13 thoughts on “Back to Melmac

  1. Dominic Brismail says:

    I was born JUST after Alf stopped and while I'm aware of it (mostly thanks to Simpsons/Family Guy references) it's not something I've ever actually seen first hand. Though that may also be because I'm Britsh so it never aired over here to the best of my knowledge.


  2. TheDVDGrouch says:

    I actually watched quite a bit of Alf in reruns on the Canadian Family Channel. I remember it being fun in that cheesy sitcom kinda way. Granted I was young so I doubt it holds up as well as I think.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I always knew the show existed but the ugly design on the main character always turned me off. I never bothered watching the show.

    Maybe if there was some series overview a la Linkara's History of Power Rangers I'd appreciate it in retrospect.


  4. The Offender says:

    I have fond memories of watching ALF in my youth. While I haven't seen it is many years, I still think it is a decent enough idea. Makes me want to see how the show has aged. Makes me wonder if it will be a let down, as many things seem a lot better in memory than they really are.


  5. Green Ninja says:

    Wait. The movie where ALF lives on a military base and has card games with soldiers and stuff was direct to TV? Because I'm pretty sure it got an theatrical release in Germany.


  6. Joe says:

    ALF was one of my favourite shows during my pre-adolescent years. I watched reruns years later, and thought it was really, really dumb. I can't imagine a movie could be good, especially since they'd probably eschew the actor in a furry suit for CGI.

    Then again, who knew the 21 Jump Street movie would actually turn out good?


  7. biomechanical923 says:

    I'm not ashamed to admit: I had an ALF doll.
    I am ashamed to admit that I sent it, along with most of my other awesome toys, to salvation army during my angsty “that shit's for babies” teenage years.


  8. Avistew says:

    How old is the show? I was born in 1985 and I remember watching it, although it was probably reruns.
    It was also in French.
    Still, it's famous enough that just seeing his name spurred his image and voice (and a few bad impersonations I can remember).

    Don't think I'd go watch a movie of it though.


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