Big Picture: "Rock of Ages"

Another show about The Flintstones.

10 thoughts on “Big Picture: "Rock of Ages"

  1. Joey says:

    Still No mention of the Great Gazoo?

    I repeat, that guy was WIERD.

    Also, you didn't even mention the Flintstones cereal?

    Missed Opportunity Bob. Hoping for a cereal episode in the future!


  2. biomechanical923 says:

    I'm not crazy about the prospect of MacFarlane getting his hands on the flintstones and slapping his family comedy formula onto it.

    However, at the concept of a revised version of Cosmos, narrated by Tyson, that made my day.


  3. KevinCV says:

    Another informative episode, Bob. Damn shame that you didn't mention the live-action movies. I still think they're pretty good. Oh well. Still good nonetheless. 🙂


  4. Blue Highwind says:

    Jesus Christ, the Hanna-Barbara age of the Animation age sucked. What a friggin' embarrassment. I thought the fifteen or so Batman cartoons was bad, Flintstones is amazing.

    Also, Seth McFarland. Don't. Jest don't.


  5. Wendy says:

    I guess I was a bit too young to appreciate the more adult jokes from the Flintstones. I always found it boring as a kid, but then I was more used to She-ra and Thundercats. i guess compared to that, Flintstones won't seem as exciting.


  6. multimediaculture says:

    Great post, and I appreciate how you simply narrowed in on just the animation aspect of the Flintstones. You could spend an entire episode discussing the cereal, vitamins, and live-action films… But please don't. This was super informative and told me so much more about their animated incarnations than I knew before.

    Particularly, you pointed me at On the Rocks, which I immediately sought out and watched. I'm disappointed that this didn't result in a full reboot, but I understand why it wasn't fully appreciated. First, the easy go-to for a reboot like this is to make the characters slightly dysfunctional. Second, even though the special was fun, it was too long. I lost interest and don't remember how it ended.

    Still, they're about due for a comeback. Hopefully not a Seth McFarlane comeback, but they do deserve a contemporary comeback. Maybe focusing on Pebble and Bam-Bam as parents – essentially filling their parents' roles with a modern sensibility (meaning Pebbles works, too).


  7. David (The Pants) says:

    To all of you who fear Seth's Flinstones: I would hope to see him have the right people working it, and ultimately I'd rather watch MacFarline's Flinstones than, say, Chuck Lorre's Flinstones. Seth's would actually be funny.


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