Game OverThinker Announcement!

The deadline for ScrewAttack G1’s to submit questions for the upcoming Game OverThinker Mailbag Episode will be Saturday night, June 30th. If you are (or plan to become) a G1 and haven’t asked your question yet, you may do so in the comments on THIS video.

For more information, refer to said video below:

13 thoughts on “Game OverThinker Announcement!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bob, does your contract with Screw Attack force you to keep this stunningly awful plot as a framing device? Or are you trying for some kind of anti-humor? It's just… you're smarter than this. You have a grasp on why films do or do not work. Why is the Game Overthinker continuity so goddamn awful in spite of this?


  2. Logan Deckard says:

    Have you heard of Spec Ops: The Line? You've discussed wanting developers to create shooters that explore the darker side of war and military conflict and after spending some time with it I think it may be exactly what you're looking for. It's not perfect, but it certainly is a step in the right direction with one of the central tag lines being “There are no heroes in war. Only killers”.


  3. Ralphael says:

    What anon said bob. I know you've said your piece on why you are keeping the story bits… but every reason you give for keeping them are nothing short of bullshit.

    These story parts are hurting your show more than you realize, and you covering your ears while the majority of your fans beg you to stop it makes you come off really arrogant…


  4. James says:

    Bob, I have a question that's not game related: how can you support Obama when his record on civil liberties and military action is as bad as Bush's?

    (Go ahead, keep deleting it. I'll just keep re-posting it until you have the balls to answer.)


  5. BookwormOtaku says:

    Honestly Bob…I like your story segments. I will admit the Pyrothinker arc was kind of weak, but this current one does show you've improved the writing for it. The introduction of the Retrothinker did capture the bit of looking back on the past of games and comparing it with now and I do like how it's ultimately become a little play on how while change doesn't always mean improvement there are always things that make said changes livable.

    Anyway, looking forward to the next episode and I wish you well.


  6. MovieBob says:


    Because A.) no it isn't by any sane person's measure, and B.) his record and likely-recod on – literally – everything else is vastly superior. Also, he is effectively garaunteed to not nominate any anti-science/”pro-life” judges to the federal bench, and if the Supreme Court makeup goes decisively “left” the so-called Religious Right in America will be rendered legislatively-powerless for DECADES to come; which is more than enough reason RIGHT THERE. He is FAR from perfect; but it is foolish to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    You have your answer. Now, please politely readjust your foil-hat and crawl back under your bridge.


  7. James says:

    Bob: so as long as you get a left-leaning court, you're okay with the deaths of innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan due to military drone strikes? You're okay with POWs being indefinitely detained? You're okay with American citizens being imprisoned for non-violent drug possession? You're okay with the federal government continuing to spy on and violate the rights of the people?

    Bob, you are a sheep. The lesser of two evils is still evil. When there is a BETTER alternative from the major options offered, you take it. Fool.


  8. Anonymous says:

    James, I doubt even 10% of the country knows who Gary Johnson is, much less would vote for him. It took Obama 1.4 billion dollars to be elected and he had both Bush's eight year total fuck-up of a presidency leading him in and a decisively “cool” image that got traditional non-voters in booths. No matter how ideal a president Gary Johnson might make, realistically speaking, he just won't win and I somehow doubt Bob and his fans' votes will be the magic decisive set to get him in the oval office. “Waste of time” doesn't even begin to describe what you're doing.


  9. Saarai'ari says:

    On topic: Doubt I'd get this question answered since I'm not a G1 and it's probably too late to ask anyways, but I'll ask for the heck of it. Back at the beginning of episode 69, you showed a brief clip of Wario's Woods. Why do that? You teasing that remnants of Necrothinker's powers will revive the Anti-thinker? Or will an opposite version of Retrothinker show up, like a Future-thinker or something like that?

    Off topic: James, seriously, I know a lot of Libertarians but your behavior here doesn't help them or Gary Johnson. Heck, I know some that actually worked along with Gary Johnson and I've asked about said behavior that you and certain elements of Libertarians show. They very much denounce that behavior, and if Gary Johnson was informed of what you were doing, even he'd tell you you're going over the line and he'd denounce your harassment and bullying Bob as well as his co-workers and fans. Real libertarians denounce people like you, James. If you're thinking of yourself as some kind of Harry Houdini or Penn & Teller going about trying to expose frauds, you're not. You're just being a troll.


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