Marvel’s Next (New) Franchise Might Be "Guardians of The Galaxy."

Latino Review is claiming that Marvel Studio’s “other” planned 2014 release (the first being “Captain America 2” with “Iron Man 3” and “Thor 2” in 2013) – set to be officially unveiled at SDCC – is going to be “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY;” though it remains unclear which incarnation will appear. Where this leaves the supposedly also-imminent “Black Panther” movie (also first reported by Latino Review) is yet to be determined.

Originally a VERY-70s time-traveling space-opera series with the costume/character aesthetics of a superhero book (think “New Gods” – or “All Those Darkseid-Related Guys” if you mainly know DC stuff from the cartoons); “Guardians” has since been reimagined through multiple reincarnations/rebrandings as a kind of rotating-membership “All-Star Team” for Marvel’s cosmic/outer-space/alien characters. As you might expect, ultimate-cosmic-heavy Thanos is one of their most frequent enemies, and according to the LR report that will be the case in the film as well – effectively making The Mad Titan’s appearance in “Avengers” both a tease for “Avengers 2” AND this film (which will, in turn, serve as the direct lead-in for “Avengers 2.”

The membership roster for the film has yet to be announced; and Marvel has a lot of cult-icon cosmic heroes to pick from – if you’re hoping to see guys like Nova, Qasar, Drax The Destroyer, Adam Warlock or Mar-Vel turn up; this would be the most likely place for it. I would imagine that founding-member/frequent-leader Major Victory would have to play a key part – he’s an astronaut from present-day Earth (real name: Vance Astro. For real) – time-displaced the the far-future whose “costume” is an anti-aging bodysuit, which makes him a perfect audience-POV character; plus (in a nice thematic “rhyme”) he at one point carried Captain America’s shield as a weapon and as a symbol (in the Marvel Universe, Cap is pretty-much worshipped as the one hero that every planet, culture, species and time-period universally admire.)

Personally, I’d hope to see more-recent Guardian fan-fave Rocket Raccoon make an appearance. He’s exactly what you think he is, and don’t tell me you don’t want to see Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans react to a talking, ray-gun toting alien Raccoon.

P.S. If Thanos really is going to be the “rising big-bad” of the second wave of the Marvel Universe, the safest bet anyone can make right now is that some variation of The Infinity Gems will start popping up throughout the next few movies. We live in exciting times.

P.P.S. LR also reports that 2014 might also see the first official collaboration between Marvel Studios and Disney Animation: an animated feature-film based on “Big Hero 6;” a team of Japanese Marvel heroes (some were original to the series, some were Japanese-descended supporting-characters from across the Marvel Universe) who were part of an attempt to cash-in on the 1990s manga-boom. Something interesting to note about that: In the comics, The Silver Samurai is a member of the team… but he’s also been widely-presumed to turn up as the villain of the still-cooking “Wolverine” reboot. Hm…

15 thoughts on “Marvel’s Next (New) Franchise Might Be "Guardians of The Galaxy."

  1. Julian Perez says:

    Interesting, although I am much more a fan of the Gerber version of the characters. It's something to do with what a bittersweet, melancholy tone the book has: all of the original Guardians were the last survivors of their species.

    Steve Gerber is one of those guys it's hard to summarize or explain his work to someone that hasn't read it. When it comes to Howard the Duck, for instance, I usually describe it with, “whatever you think it is, it isn't that.”

    Gerber loves futility, he loves tragedy.

    Take Vance Astro. He originally wore an anti-aging bodysuit, but the trouble is, the instant he steps out of it he crumbles to dust. Physical contact is… problematic.

    Originally Vance Astro was an astronaut sent to head to earth's closest star in a 1000 year journey. The trouble is, when he arrived FTL drive had been invented, so he reached a thriving colony. In short, the voyage he gave up his entire life for was ultimately meaningless.

    The book was filled with quotes like, “Earth. A miserable blue speck in the universe. It doesn't add up to much…unless you happen to live here.”

    I find it ironic Rocket Raccoon is in the current itineration of the Guardians because of the well-known animosity between Rocket Raccoon's creator, Bill Mantlo, and Steve Gerber, not the least of which was because Mantlo borrowed the main character of Arcturus Rann (spaceman on a lengthy voyage that turned out to be pointless) for his Micronauts series.

    Mantlo was a gifted writer but he stayed a little too close to his inspirations for lawyers to be entirely comfortable. Harlan Ellison once sued Marvel for a Mantlo script, and Jim Shooter only got Ellison to drop the suit for a lifetime subscription to Marvel comics.

    I have to confess, the re-imagining of Guardians of the Galaxy as a greatest-hits record of Marvel space comics (presumably also set in modern times) sounds like a compromise of the book's core identity in order to have marketable characters, much like the Bendis Avengers, which ditched longtime Avengers mainstays crucial to the team's identity like the Vision, Hawkeye, and the Scarlet Witch in favor of marketable characters. It made more money, but it's not worth it.

    I can't think of two writers who are more different than Kirby and Gerber. Gerber was about dramatic human stories with typically downer endings. Kirby was not characterization centered but asked big questions. Kirby reminds me of Paul McCartney in his solo career: he tried to be very profound but somewhere along the lines it got mixed up and became cheesy and maudlin.


  2. Steve says:

    @James, I'm hoping Phyla will be in there.

    First gay superheroin on the big screen? That'd be awesome. That, and she's a fucking great character in general.


  3. Julian Perez says:

    Steve –

    To each their own. My personal favorite moment with Phyla-Vell was in the Dan Slott She-Hulk when Thanos arrived on Titan.

    PHYLA: “I'm Captain Marvel.”

    THANOS: (with a rare smile) “Of course you are.”


  4. Julian Perez says:

    Also – Marvel's first gay character? I think that honor would go to Pinkerton from the Howling Commandos. Yeah, Pinky was a Dumbledore-style “retroactive gay,” but there was nothing to indicate Dumbledore was gay, whereas Pinkerton was the Howling Commandos' answer to C-3P0. Stan Lee's announcement surprised exactly nobody.

    It's not that I'm against gay characters, but I am against characters being gay out of nowhere in defiance of long term characterization, as was done to Moondragon. Previously, all her schemes somehow involved her getting laid with the Mighty Thor or Quasar.

    By the way, Moondragon has the distinction, in Avengers 219-220, of being the first Avenger to actually turn evil. What amazes me the most is that nobody on the team was all that surprised or even choked up about having to fight her, which should tell you a lot about Draggy's winning personality.

    By the way, there's nothing brave about making women gay in a comic aimed at men, just like there's nothing challenging or progressive about interracial couples that are white man-black woman or white man-Asian woman.


  5. AmazinglyDisappointed says:



    Movie Bob hates the Amazing Spider-Man.

    So instead of replying to the posters (like me) who (rightfully) criticized your poor attitude over ASM in your blog last time you decided to start justifying yourself on twitter:

    (start of tweet)

    Y'hear that, professional critics? You are NOT allowed to have an opinion on how a film looks before you see it. Because that's BIAS! So if you think something doesn't look good, and then you actually DON'T like it – you're BIASED and can be dismissed out of hand. So. Fucking. Tired. Of this dynamic. Big movies put out DOZENS of posters, trailers, ads, etc. SPECIFICALLY to create a pre-viewing “impression” of the product. But if you say “my impression is bad” and then that impression turns out to be “correct;” you get PILLORIED and accused of “bias”

    (end of tweet)

    No what this is about is YOU having it out for a movie BEFORE the movie was even casted. Every news uttered on ASM you'd try your hardest to spin it negatively and made clear you wanted it to burn. Let me remind you that you wrote comments like this BEFORE you saw the movie:

    1) It feels wrong to root against Spider-Man. But I'm not – I'm rooting against Sony. Sony and pointless cash-grab “reboots.” Fuck em both.

    2) Come to me; shitty-looking, unecessaery remake of “Spider-Man”… I want to BASK in your pain.

    That sound like a mature person thinking a movie doesn't look great from trailers but still having an open mind like a responsible reviewer should?

    Recently you tried to spin out of context the one reviewer who wrote the word “Twilight” as a negative even though he was being positive. The last post on ASM you did was presenting that Ultimate preview fan edit as if it was a mockery of Sony's advertising yet the real purpose of it was fan that just wanted to do a cool fan edit by pulling in all the footage available. And from that same article we get this gem:

    “The Amazing Spider-Man” (which I still haven't seen) isn't a movie, it's a contract-law manuever”

    How are movies being a business any different from any other movie ever made including the previous Spider-Man films? You also have there that ASM “isn't a movie” again showing how clearly you were dead set against this movie from the start.

    Your prejudice also showed since you never gave the whole story on Sony's motivation. Sony is on the brink of bankruptcy and are trying to save themselves not being jerks. Them being in dire straits is why Sony sold the TV rights of Spider-Man back to Marvel.

    I wouldn't be surprised if in your official ASM review you'll mention that there was criticism against you but act like you debunked it even though you won't bring up the legitimate points brought against your attitude by myself and others.

    Had someone like Devin Faraci did this I wouldn't care since he is a shithead. But like I said before I thought you were better. Maybe I should've taken the fact that you follow Faraci and think well of him as a sign.


  6. D'jarl says:


    The modern GotG is better than you give it credit for,I'd recommend giving it a try.

    Also, I find your comparing it to Bendis' Avenger's strange. There aren't really any big draws on the modern GotG team like Wolverine or Spider-Man, unless you're referring to Adam Warlock…


  7. David (The Pants) says:

    @AmazinglyDisappointed Dude I too am worried that all this pre-screening negativity will soil Bob's review in some way but I don't think it's wrong for him to hate it from the start. It's in no way going to be better than the original Spider-Man and if it does flop Sony might give the rights to Marvel. That'd be a good thing because people think Spider-Man is gonna join The Avengers and I gotta be like “no he can't!” Yes, like it or not Sony is just doing this movie to retain the rights, same with X-Men: First Class (which was fantastic, and the best X-Men movie IMO) and all these other announcements of a Fantastic Four reboot or………..other things. Go see the movie if you think it'll be good. Bob's not stopping you. You gotta take what he says with a grain of salt anyway.


  8. Aiddon says:

    ugh, Marvel, leave the Japanese heroes to the Japanese. I STILL haven't gotten over their offensive manga-verse they made a few years back. The only Westerners I've seen do Asian/Anime-inspired cartoons right were the creators of Avatar


  9. Sam Robards, Comic Fan says:

    If this is true, I'll be as giddy as a schoolboy.

    From what I've heard, it'll be based off DnA's 2008 Guardians squad that spun out of Annihilation: Conquest. If you haven't read that run, you need to. It's one of my favorites.

    I've also heard they're going to put Nova on the team, which is fantastic because he (Richard Rider, anyway) is one of my favorite characters.

    The fact that a team that includes Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Adam Warlock is even being considered for a major movie is HUGE.

    Can't wait!


  10. Eze says:

    All I hope for is this:

    A live action Dr. Strange.

    If this film can't produce that, in any way, let alone Avengers 2 doing so, I'll be disappointed.


  11. nejiblue says:

    Who the hell wants to see a movie based off a bunch of e-list nobodies? Oh right, comic book geeks. Seriously, the “rocket raccoon” thing is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of in my life(unless its supposed to be a joke.) It's the kind of thing i would expect to see on aqua teen hunger force. If marvel wants to destroy the good-will they have built up with mainstream amercia, be my guest. If they want to build-up thanos, do it in movies they can actually market. I don't buy this rumor for a minute. No way are the people running the company this stupid.


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