Somebody Let THE RZA Make A Movie…

…and it looks AWESOME!

IGN has the first red-band trailer for “The Man With The Iron Fists;” a gonzo tribute to the golden age of Hong Kong martial-arts films written and directed by the Wu-Tang Clan frontman with backup from Quentin Tarantino. My only regret is that thus far it can only be watched on IGN’s shitty media-player:

Well, I’m on board – though to be fair like so many films before they had me at Lucy Liu.

It’ll be interesting to how – if at all – this is recieved. The RZA has supposedly forgotten more about kung-fu movies than any mortal man could hope to learn; but I feel like appreciation for this stuff outside of the hardcore film-geek set sort of “peaked” with “Kill Bill.” Either way, I’ll be there day one.

14 thoughts on “Somebody Let THE RZA Make A Movie…

  1. MarlonBlazed says:

    Needs more…. NOTHING! I'm no fan of wire martial arts and this over stylized look but this time I could care less.


  2. Aiddon says:

    Todd's assertion is actually nothing surprising, new, or even insightful. Wanna know WHY you see a lot of African-Americans liking Asian cinema? It's because they saw something other than white dudes for a change.


  3. Stevo says:

    I remember that Batista was rumoured to play King in the Tekken movie which didn't happen but I'll be interesting to see what he has to offer.

    Also, RZA did the score for the anime, Afro Samurai which had Samuel L Jackson which was awesome so it's good to see him work on this movie which looks damn awesome.


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