Escape to The Movies: "Ted"

Laughed. My. Ass. Off.

INTERMISSION has text-reviews of “Moonrise Kingdom” and “Beasts of The Southern Wild”

23 thoughts on “Escape to The Movies: "Ted"

  1. Pat says:

    It's as though they decided to premiere Amazing Spider-Man on a Tuesday just so you wouldn't be able to review it the day it came out 😛


  2. AmazinglyDisappointed says:

    What are you talking about Pat? Bob's been reviewing (aka hating)the Amazing Spider-Man film before it was even shot.


  3. Taylor says:

    I know, Am Disapoint, and all he's been basing it on is on a multitude of clips released by Sony, lots of news about the production, and leaks of the story they're using.

    Obviously he's just biased.


  4. Ryan B says:

    HOLY CRAP THE ORANGE DINOSAUR IS IN THIS MOVIE?! I need to see this now. That thing has been the god of Route 1 forever. <3

    Granted, I wanted to see this movie before I knew about that, but still, damn. Good to see it getting the amazing recognition it deserves! XD


  5. Anonymous says:

    Gotta love Bob's logic.

    “Anyone who likes Amazing Spider-Man better than Raimi's films can't be taken seriously! I'm allowed to bash it beforehand and then hate it once I've seen it! That's what preview are for!”

    Yet for the past year anyone who's defended The Dark Knight Rises has been met with “You're just a Nolanite! You people have already decided you like the film!”

    Don't get me wrong, I believe if you can be excited for a film you can also be critical of one before release…I just hate the huge double standard here from Bob


  6. Pat says:

    I don't believe Bob has mocked anyone who's excited for TDKR and called them out on “bias” or whatever, he just isn't excited himself.

    I'm sure Bob has his reasons for hating ASM. Judging from the many positive reviews that have come out so far, I'm not sure I'll end up agreeing with him, but he's allowed to hate whatever movie he wants without being called a hypocrite.

    Bob has gone into movies expecting to hate them and has then admitted to liking them in his reviews.

    Maybe he was biased towards hating this movie since it WAS basically put together so that Sony could hang on to the license and the promos looked pretty lame, but until any of us see the movie, we have no real justification for claiming Bob is expressing bias here.


  7. SirRosser says:

    Dammit, Bob, I was set to be irate about this one just as I've been set to be irate about Family Guy in the past, as a Republican. But, dammit, it looks so funny…Aww, I can't resist. I keep watching Family Guy, American Dad, and I'll probably watch this too. Comedy is comedy.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey, everybody, would you like to see a film about a pretty pink princess spending 90 minutes eating muffins and complaining about the weather, produced by Tyler Perry, directed by Uwe Boll, and starring Lindsay Lohan? No? What do you mean? Obviously, you're biased against the movie for lame reasons and have chosen to hate it before you've even seen it. How can you form a preliminary opinion based only on premise and marketing? Now please make sure you see it and if you hate it, you obviously are hating it only to keep up your smug attitude. (Or: my favorite film is perfect, you're deluded, stop disagreeing with me and ruining perfection, you monster.)

    For those who don't get blunt satire: the whole point behind shopping before buying is to form something of an opinion before you've even seen it so you can decide whether or not you want to see more (which, in Bob's case, is a moot point; his job is to see every major blockbuster and talk about it for five minutes). Bob has seen a lot of films, knows all the common tropes and formula, and has higher standards than the average person as a result. He sees that The Amazing Spider-Man is taking the cheap, lazy, and uninventive path towards being a “big summer blockbuster”, patching together generic superhero origin myth with the “romance with a troubled bad boy uber-human” trend that Twilight kicked off. He also has the inside knowledge that it's being made for bad reasons (holding onto the license instead of trying to make a decent film), and has formed a preliminary opinion based on all that.

    Is it bias? Yes. Is it justified bias? Mostly; some comments definitely rub the wrong way, but until he puts out his actual review, you can't claim he's being dishonest because of a personal agenda against Sony. Now stop James-ing his completely unrelated posts.


  9. AmazinglyDisappointed says:

    @Pat There's far more to the criticism against Bob's behavior against ASM than you realize. This isn't simply about him not thinking the movie looked good from previews. Literally he has had it against the film before it was even shot. His mission was to bash the movie every single opportunity he got and spin everything into a negative.

    I've made responses highlighting Bob's prejudice against the movie.

    Here is my first with other worthwhile comments from others after mine here:

    And I wrote a follow up here:

    He deserves to be called a hypocrite because Bob likes telling people in his videos to stop acting immature over fanboy matters. However he acted exactly what he preaches against when it came to the ASM movie.


  10. nejiblue says:

    family guy sucks ass period. anyone who thinks this humor is funny needs to move out of their parent's basement and get a real life(like you bob.)


  11. Marcomax says:

    @ AmazinglyDisappointed

    What do you think of Ted? I'm looking forward to seeing it especially after Bob's review.

    If you want to see ASM, see it. Why do you care about Bob's opinion. I don't mean to be rude but Bob is kind of a nobody. A Z list internet celebrity. Him giving a bad review of ASM won't sink the movie. Plus I'm kind of agree with him on this. Trailers, clips and pre release material are meant to be judged and different people will give different opinions on the same material. For example:

    Same trailer, different take.

    Side note: Are you worried about your username becoming redundant after the movie comes out?


  12. AmazinglyDisappointed says:

    @Marcomax Ted looks very funny. No rush to see it but I plan to soon.

    Doesn't seem you actually read the places I was directing to. You should because it makes it pretty clear what the criticism is. It isn't about his status nor if he ends up not liking the movie. Bob was not basing his opinion on the marketing. He had it out against the movie from the start before it was even filmed. He makes videos with comments telling fans to stop acting immature yet he turns around and acts as such for ASM.

    I don't plan on posting comments after this whole ASM thing. I was just a follower of Bob and thought he was cool but then I see his hypocrisy. He basically sunk to the obnoxious level of a Devin Faraci which I thought he was better than that. Thus my screen name.


  13. Sylocat says:

    Riiiiiiiiight, you're another “former fan” who suddenly decided not to comment here anymore.


    I can't speak for Bob, but I personally have no problem being biased against this movie. Leaving aside that its very conception was a cynical business gesture, hearing Spider-Man wangst about “The Real Truth About [his] Parents” makes me want to slap whoever wrote this tripe. Spider-Man isn't a Chosen One, he's a random nerd who got bit on a field trip. That's what makes him relatable, and that's what makes his mythos a refreshing break from the endless parade of mutants and billionaire-geniuses who were born with all their advantages.


  14. Marcomax says:

    @ AmazinglyDisappointed

    I just got back from seeing it and it's great. High high to miss ratio on the jokes. It's the sort of movie that reminds you why this setup works. Like with Family guy, I really love the music. Both the upbeat flute and dramatic violin always get me. Is this just a staple of the Boston/New England area or do I just need to listen to more music?

    I understand your point. There is a reason why I don't use twitter. No good idea was ever communicated in 140 characters. Here's the thing, I don't have a problem with that.

    The world is made of contradictions and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Could Bob's attitude towards ASM be seen as hypocritical. Perhaps. But I find it more interesting to look at why he feels this way about the movie. If he does have it out for a movie at least he'll be able to back up his opinion. That's why I'm a fan of his. I don't hold him to some high morale standard. I just know 9 times out of 10 he can back up what he says and I learn something from it.

    Can you imagine if all he said for each ASM post was “let's wait and see” or just avoided the topic altogether. We would have this insight to his character. Hey, you might of just continued to lurk without posting.

    You're a fan so I hope you continue to watch even after you stop posting.

    You didn't convince Bob of the errors of his ways /jk /sarcasm /kidding. But it's nice to have someone act as devil's advocate every once and a while. Just try not to derail unrelated topics next time. Sorry I tend to do long posts to avoid posting multiple times and rechecking the topic again and again.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Bob, do you read Roger Ebert or other professional critics much? You should do an article where you offer other critics whose viewpoints you think are interesting.


  16. Fallen Angel says:


    You are more of a piece of shit than Bob because you have been harassing him and his colleagues on this blog and on Twitter for months on end, and have been spamming the comment sections with the same half-assed, unfounded, unproven, immature argument that continously derails the conversation. Why? Just because Bob has political views that are different from yours. Well, deal with it. Grow the fuck up and move on.

    Bob will NEVER give in to your threats and demands. At least he has some interesting material and worthwile cultural knowledge to share and discuss. You, on the other hand, just keep repeating the same tired old schtick. You are a hateful, delusional, childish, trolling nutjob scumbag and a bigot to boot with obviously nothing better to do.

    See the fucking difference?

    Everyone has tried and failed to reason with you. Bob gave you an answer to your pointless question, but you just keep coming back for more, don't you? I hope for the sake of everyone, Bob deals with you in the way he sees fit as soon as possible, because your behaviour is fucking inexcusable.


  17. Anon1 says:

    It is not a coincidence that maybe 3 or 4 people have problems with Bob, while pretty much everyone have problems with you. Only a piece of shit posts just to harass with no real intention of debating. Only a piece of shit who harass co-workers of someone just because you disagree with them. Only a piece of shit would spam post things like “Daily reminder:——“.


  18. Dave from canada says:

    @ James.

    I never once saw bob endorse eugenics.

    That being said, liberal eugenics would solve alot of problems. Allowing the population to selectively breed out vulnerabilities to cancer and varous mental psychosis.

    And the world IS overpopulated. Not sure what your point even is.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Oh, James, you tempt me into going back to Encyclopedia Dramatica after all these years and writing an article on Moviebob (in good humor) just so I can devote a whole section to detailing your sad sack of a life.


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