In Amazing Coincidence, New Tom Cruise Movie Suddenly Has a Trailer

OMG! Major, garaunteed-multiple-cycles news involving a major celebrity’s personal life – the machinations toward which likely began weeks if not months ago – broke right around the same time that the trailer for said celebrity’s big new franchise-starter vehicle goes public?? WHAT ARE THE ODDS!?

“Jack Reacher” – retitled from “One Shot” – is based on a series of books by Lee Childs; spoken of highly by people I know, as-yet unread by me. I am told that Cruise looks/acts almost exactly the opposite of Reacher from the books; but I now really wish I could’ve seen this in theaters not knowing what it was for – I can only imagine how audiences reacted when, after all that (pretty-effective) old-school hard-ass buildup, the big reveal of this champion ass-kicker hero is… Tom Cruise.

12 thoughts on “In Amazing Coincidence, New Tom Cruise Movie Suddenly Has a Trailer

  1. Lido says:

    well this looks completely bland an forgettable, also that near constant engine noise at the start that actually covers up the audio in some parts? Brilliant (sarcasm) seriously though it's weird how unimpactful this movie looks without the big enjoyable spectacle of stuff like Avengers or DKR


  2. Joe says:

    It might be nice to have a good old-fashioned vigilante movie to break up all the CGI capes and aliens. But I can't help feeling this would be better if it were directed by Michael Mann.


  3. Joshua the Anarchist says:

    Okay, weird thought: does this feel to anyone else like what the Dredd trailer SHOULD'VE felt like? I mean, that opening bit about “he doesn't care about proof, he only cares about what right” stuff is exactly the kind've glorification of the police-state mentally in action films Judge Dredd is supposed to satirize, and here it's so-over-the-top it ALMOST feels like a parody. Gives me a very Sylvester Stallone in Cobra vibe.


  4. 3ddisplay says:

    This is really a shame. The Jack Reacher in the books is huge, over 6ft. 5, and is the modern clint-eastwood cowboy type with nothing to lose.

    What a shame that Tom Cruise is making this Tom Cruise starring Tom Cruise featuring Tom Cruise as Tom Cruise


  5. Merrick_HLC says:

    If it makes you feel any better job, when I went to see a certain movie released recently you hated, this was the first trailer…. the audience didn't even really react to my recollection, it was pretty much “Well, that happened”

    Of course the audience, myself included, liked the movie I shan't speak the name of so I'm not sure how much you want to go by our reactions. xD


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