A side-effect of reporting/commenting on the popular culture is that you become acutely aware of your own position in it; to the extent that I still get a little giddy when something I’ve done/said actually becomes a (tiny) part of the stuff I’m commenting upon or otherwise observing.

To wit, it’s felt awfully… “vindicating,” I guess, to get a shout-out from Hollywood-Elsewhere and a name-drop from “Zero Punctuation” within a span of about 10 hours. Kudos, gents.

23 thoughts on “Acknowledgement

  1. Taylor says:

    Bob, I think you should make James a character in your reviews whenever you need a stupid internet troll, like TGWTG people do with the high-voiced Nitpick guy.

    Congratulations, I definitely chuckled when Yahtzee imagined you living a life of ease and seducing women.


  2. Individual says:

    Internet personalities should name drop people they enjoy watching more often. It makes me happy knowing that a interesting famous person enjoys a number of the same fun pastimes and other internet personalities I enjoy, because I'm creepy like that.

    Also when I agree with most things the personality mention when he mentions something I don't know about I'm more likely to look it up, and maybe even enjoy it.

    Extra Creditz do the “games you might not have tried” thing, why haven't Yahtzee and Bob put in an episode worth of the same thing some place. Yahtzee's probably got a contract but he could podcast about a bunch of his fav games (or at least ones he enjoyed, because there's alot of pressure around mentioning things you liked when you're zp) on his blog and Bob's got the Game Overthinker… Or even Big Picture if need be.

    Here's an idea Bob, have the GO introduce Retrothinker to a bunch the great games that have come out since his cryostasis. Or even talk to Ivan about all the oldies because he's just a kid intern and doesn't remember that far back.

    7:41 PM


  3. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Bob. I look forward to the next stage of your evolution as a social critic: being taken unfairly out of context by a bigger commentator and burned in effigy.

    You haven't truly arrived until someone views you as a threat (or at least a good whipping boy). Press onward!


  4. Anonymous says:


    It almost certainly has happened at least once from a Game Overthinker video. Keep in mind he supports Metroid: Other M, hates Call of Duty with a passion, and thinks the Mass Effect ending change campaign with a threat to artistic integrity. Video game journalism hasn't quite reached the stark divide between mainstream and independent that would put him “beneath” a top-tier's notice.


    Namedrops have more meaning when they're rare. If you want to see how meaningless and frustrating both namedrops and collaborations can get, just browse That Guy with the Glasses.


  5. Anonymous says:

    James, shut the **** up, seriously.

    Some people actually want to discuss stuff on this blog.

    And Bob, just ban the ***hole already, I can understand you want to be tolerant, but enough is enough.


  6. Anonymous says:

    ….posting someone's email is going a little far imho… that's starting to reach into personal information. The phone number is WAY out.


  7. Anonymous says:

    @Anon 2:22
    I normally would agree with you, but you don't know what James is. He needs to be reported to the authorities, and the more info that can be dug up on him, the easier it will be to do that.


  8. Anonymous says:

    James, you've officially stepped into the realm of having your dox dropped. You need to be a special kind of asshole to have this happen. I think it might be time for you to step down.


  9. MovieBob says:

    Posting the emails or other personal information of other commenters, no matter how annoying they may be, is not cool. This is NOT the place for it, do NOT let it happen again.


  10. James says:

    Okay Bob, Okay, I'll leave you alone. I read what you said on Twitter, I don't want to kill your website. This is the last you'll hear from me, I swear this time.


  11. Pat says:


    Speaking only for myself, I think that there's nothing wrong with you commenting and sharing your two cents when they're relevant to the discussion. Lots of people who follow this blog and disagree with Bob are very vocal about their opinions and it's usually very constructive.

    You clearly have a lot of opinions that you are passionate about, and that's great, I just think you ought to save them for when they're applicable to a particular post and you shouldn't devolve it into a personal attack on Bob himself. Attack his arguments not the man himself, you know?


  12. cdstephens says:

    With Extra Credits getting in the NY Times and this, it seems like the noteworthy internet celebrities (I don't have a better term for this, you know what I mean) are getting recognized not only by other celebrities, but by the mass populace, which is a good thing in these cases since we're talking about about insightful people here.

    Anyways, kudos to you for moving up in the world, Bob. You deserve all the positive recognition you get; even the views you have that I disagree with are well thought out enough to deserve respect.


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