"End of Watch"

Supposedly, the most-common advice given to screenwriters in present day Hollywood is: Don’t specialize. Be good at something, fine, but get your name on as much of “everything else” as possible. Make sure they know you’re available for action, comedy, scifi, whatever.

David Ayer’s career stands out like a living rebuke to that advice – since 2000, Ayer has written (and more-recently directed) eight films: “U-571,” “Training Day,” “The Fast & The Furious,” “Dark Blue,” “S.W.A.T,” “Harsh Times,” “Street Kings” and now “End of Watch.” Of those eight, seven are crime-action/dramas and all but one of them center on embattled, ethically-compromised LAPD cops.

His new joint, “End of Watch,” stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena as two cops who get into a protracted scuffle with Cartel-backed LA drug gangs; the “hook” this time being that a supposedly-significant amount of the action is presented “found footage” style from security cameras and the cops’ own dashboard-cam. A new red-band trailer has just been released:

4 thoughts on “"End of Watch"

  1. Lido says:

    It's weird how cartels and Latino in generally has kept popping up this year, there's this movie, Savages, and Casa De Mi Padre (sorry for mispellings) idk it's probably like Bob said earlier about the booming Latino community in LA, still kind of an odd surge


  2. Anonymous says:

    Booming Latino Community?

    Having been a California native for a very very veryyyy long time… I can say without a doubt that they are not 'booming' anymore than they were before.

    The difference? Before it was the influx of illegal immigrants. Those illegal immigrants had loads of children. Those children all were by default US citizens.

    Now those children have mostly come of age, and are advocating for the rights of the illegal immigrants. Not all of them of course. Still most are registered. Go to our schools (As is their right as citizens I suppose.) It suddenly inflates statistics.

    Mind you our job market is still in the gutter. Our state is still broke. And our state and local governments still will reinforce/support anything so long as it has the democrat seal of approval.

    But there is no boom. It's like it always has been in California. Illegal aliens sneaking in, having children, and the state supporting them.

    Mind you that isn't our only problem. I'd even argue it wasn't the largest problem…

    It's just greatly amusing for people outside of Cali to even suggest that there is somehow a greater influx of latino's then there always has been.

    They move into an area and suddenly the whole area is predominately hispanic. Even in the unsavory parts of LA where it used to be largely African-american. One family would move in, and just a year later they're the dominant demographic.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Street Kings. I use that film as an example of a dour, joyless, lifeless bit of GNDN boredom with some of the most incompetent editing and staging I've ever seen. I hope it was just a momentary lapse.


  4. Tom Shapira says:

    Well, all of those are… OK, I guess; OK minus maybe. None of those stand up as incredibly bad (or incredibly good), these are just, y'know, stuff that can be on a screen as you run on treadmill; knowing what he wrote I can't imagine paying god money to watch his stuff on the screen.


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