Nostalgia Gifting

Wound up giving Time Life’s big “Power Rangers” DVD set (on behalf of myself and my brother) to my kid sister as an overdue birthday/College Graduation present (good job, Catie!) shortly after it finally hit my mailbox today. I was just a little too old to be “into” MMPR when it was new (though Linkara’s fantastic “history of” videos have made into something like an after-the-fact fan), but she was a massive fangirl for it and I figured this set would be a good bet – though I was a little nervous that maybe Gen-Y maybe wasn’t as big on early-onset-nostalgia as my generation had been in it’s twenties.

Worries for not, thankfully – she was psyched enough to immediately assemble the little figure that came with it and pose it for an Instagram (pictured right.) Good vibes, all around.

13 thoughts on “Nostalgia Gifting

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh man, I was the biggest Power Rangers fan back in the day… It's such a shame that there hasn't been a DVD release of them here in the UK. The best we can get is the Movies, if we want the actual series we have to import from Germany which is far from cheap…


  2. Adrian says:

    Oh, we Gen Y-ers are SO into nostalgia around Power Rangers, any early 90s video games, and stuff like Reboot, Beast Wars and the like just as much as you are into 80s things, Bob. 😉


  3. nejiblue says:

    Still amazes me that you have the nerve to say someone's recap videos made you a after-the-fact fan when you had no issues saying anyone who didn't like the star wars prequels from plinkett's videos is a moron who can't make their own opinion. But I guess you're not “friends forever” with him like linkara(or, more likely, he's just paying you to namedrop him.)

    Oh and that figure is terrible. Nice that they probably charged an extra 20 dollars for a 5 dollar, quality wise, figure. I guess you can get “nostalgic” about how awful the toys were for the show back in the day, but it would have been nice to give the fans a nice figuarts-level figure.

    Like I always say, nostalgia is overrated. Have no issues saying transformers G1 is awful, and so is power rangers(cheaply made hack job), beast wars and reboot(shitty CGI graphics, even for the time, and overrated writing), and not all early 90's games were instant classics(there have been bad games since atari. ET, anyone?)

    But, I'll leave you and all your peons to make excuses.


  4. Andrew Eisen says:


    Wait, wait, wait…

    Bob said that anyone who didn't like the Star Wars prequels after viewing the Red Letter Media reviews is a moron who can't form their own opinion?

    Got a link? This I must see.


  5. Anonymous says:

    @ nejiblue

    I seriously doubt Bob ever said anything like that. He referred to them as “a condensed filmmaking 101 course using a film series everybody has seen”. Also, even if he never said that, those videos present so many fundamental, undeniably objective scripting and staging flaws that calling them “good” (as opposed to “enjoyable” or “I still like them”) is dishonest, but this is a Power Rangers post.


  6. tlegg says:

    nejiblue if you honestly think that nostalgia is overrated then why the fuck do you call your self after a villain from a crappy japanese tv show from the 90's

    yep you don't come across as a loser.


  7. Anon1 says:

    Do you honestly believe that Bob is being PAID to namedrop people? That is just ridiculously delusional.
    By the way, how does him spending money on a box set a figure as a gift affect you in anyway? It really doesn't.

    If you want to be a dick, do it somewhere else, other grow up a little will you?


  8. Anonymous says:

    Nejiblue, this is a super odd thing for me too notice, but you really need a figuarts level figure included with a DVD set? You know those things are 45 bucks apiece, right? You were the kind of person who yelled at your parents for getting you the wrong toys for Christmas, weren't you?


  9. KevinCV says:

    Nejiblue, way to be an asshole and completely miss the fucking point. Bob did NOT say anyone who watches Plinkett's videos on the “Star Wars” prequels was an idiot who lacks an opinion of their own.

    He was lambasting those so-called “fans” who were using those videos to justify their hatred of them. He was basically calling them out for misunderstanding that those videos were merely a breakdown of how bad those movies are from strictly a film-making standpoint, and shouldn't be used to justify their blind fanboy hatred.

    Honestly, actually LISTEN to what the man says carefully before accusing him of saying things like that.


  10. sarah lee says:

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