This Scene Probably Should’ve Been Left In "The Avengers"

We’re starting to see the “Avengers” deleted scenes turning up, and a pattern is starting to emerge: The “much longer” original cut of the film may also have been a “darker” cut, and what went out seems to have been anything that might’ve changed the “colorful romp” energy of the final film. Probably the right idea – they weren’t going to out-gloom the summer’s other big superhero epic, and to be perfectly honest the blatant 9/11 allusions in the “alternate opening” is cheesy in the wrong way and would’ve left a bad taste in people’s mouths. “The Avengers” was when this genre stepped back into the light, and I’m more than fine with that.

That said, this bit re-introducing Captain America probably should’ve found a way to stay in. I can see how it would hurt the pacing (Act 1 is a touch on the long side as-is) but it’s a really good piece that (hopefully) signals the sort of movie we might be getting from Cap 2.

12 thoughts on “This Scene Probably Should’ve Been Left In "The Avengers"

  1. Serial Wordsmith says:

    I can see why this got cut, but that was a great little scene. It really establishes how “man out of time” Cap i.

    Also, I love how the film strip announcer says Cap was created by SCIENCE! Not just regular science, but SCIENCE!


  2. Cyrus says:

    What a sweet little scene.

    Rodgers' adjustment problems were kind of the elephant in the room. The film hinted at it via that running gag about him not getting pop culture references and very brief conversations with Fury and Coulson, but it was not nearly enough to properly address what someone in his unique situation might go through.

    But yeah, Cap 2 is the better movie to do that, I suppose.


  3. KevinCV says:

    Great clip. I especially liked Stan Lee saying “Ask for her number, you moron.” That made me laugh a bit. Wish they'd show a scene of Cap and Peggy reuniting, though. That'd be great.


  4. Daniel R says:

    I'd say the films better off without it. As wonderful as it is, I think the film's pacing is more a priority. As you said; the first act already drags on a bit too long. Plus, I get the sense that this scene's relatively slow pacing would have felt a bit wonky with the rest of the first act as it is now. The Avenger's opened up Caps man out of time-ness but left it open just enough for it to be fully explored in Cap 2. I really, really like this scene, but I honestly think its better off like this.

    Hey I recognize that voice, thats Joss!

    Oh I love that, personally I think its a lot better then the cameo at the end.


  5. Jwillx70 says:

    I too am glad this scene got cut, because then I'd spend the rest of the movie yelling at Cap “WHY ARE YOU NOT CALLING PEGGY.” A minor grievance I'm sure, but it would make repeat viewings difficult.


  6. Joe says:

    I tend to agree with the general sentiment on this one. Too much focus on individual plots would have messed up the pacing. Come to think of it, I can't remember any scene in the Avengers where any character is actually alone or isolated–they're always playing off someone else.

    Granted, the isolation is really appropriate for Cap, but is probably best kept for Captain America 2. They can explore how he and the Winter Soldier are connected by both being men out of their time, as opposed to Red Skull's lame-ass attempt to make a “we're the same” villain speech based entirely on having taken the same magic potion.

    But I'm really glad they didn't use the Maria Hill intro. It would have cast the rest of the film in such a dark tone. I'm just a bit disappointed it meant less screen time for Colbie Smulders though.


  7. Sam Robards, Comic Fan says:

    I agree with the general sentiment here. It's a good scene, but would have dragged the movie down a little bit.

    I think the real emotional aspects of Cap's time displacement should be fleshed out in Captain America 2.

    Rarer Monsters, Brubaker's eight-year run on both Captain America and Winter Soldier (as well as his time with Marvel Comics in general) is coming to an end here in the next few months so he can focus more on his creator-owned work.

    Rick Remender (of Uncanny X-Force fame) is taking over Captain America as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative. I forget the guy who's taking over Winter Soldier.


  8. kevmon1116 says:

    Really should have been left in. It's a great character piece and actually establishes that one woman from later in the film that we never understood what the big deal was with.



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