"The Iceman" Trailer WILL Kick Your Ass

Via Latino Review

2012/13 is the Year of Michael Shannon, and I’ve been waiting a long time for it – Shannon has been the best “very-possibly-a-genuine-out-and-out-insane-person” actor in Hollywood for years, but he kept being so in movies nobody saw. That changes this year: “Premium Rush” is a theatrical bomb, but it’ll very, very soon be thriving on Redbox/Netflix/VOD where people will discover Shannon stealing the ENTIRE MOVIE with a over-the-top-and-then-some villain performance. And after that: He’s General Zod in “The Man of Steel,” which is garaunteed to at least open huge. So… welcome to being the new “guy fanboys want to play EVERY villain,” Mr. Shannon – you’ve earned it.

BUT before that, he’s also playing the title roll in “The Iceman,” a true-story crime flick about an infamous mafia contract-killer who gets in trouble when he starts taking freelance work. The film now has a trailer, and… Holy. Fucking. SHIT. Have you been jonesing for hardcore balls-out nasty mob-movie action? If so, it looks like your fix is coming…


Film is currently without a solid U.S. release date, but is slated to hit the festival circuit at Venice this weekend followed by a TIFF appearance.

8 thoughts on “"The Iceman" Trailer WILL Kick Your Ass

  1. JamesT says:

    Wish I would've seen this trailer BEFORE scheduling my TIFF tickets.

    Anyway, this looks awesome and after “Take Shelter” I'm just trying to see every Michael Shannon film possible.


  2. Joe says:


    Can you still buy singles when they go on sale Sunday morning, or is it a scheduling conflict? I'm definitely adding this one to my consideration list.


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