Not Unlikely

Primarily made as a half-in-the-bag Twitter thingee, but still… I’ve heard LESS plausible reboots…

11 thoughts on “Not Unlikely

  1. Andrew says:

    Do “the kids today” even know who the Tiny Toons are? Bugs and company were around forever on Saturday mornings, but I haven't seen TTA on TV since I don't know how long.


  2. John Magnum says:

    I am firmly on board not just with Space Jam reboots, but also brand expansions into other sports the way Air Bud became an omni-athlete. So we need movies about Brett Favre or Tiger Woods or whoever getting THEIR grooves back too.


  3. Joe says:


    It's sad how many early 90s animated series seem to have faded from public consciousness. A lot were licensed tie-in adaptations, but so was damn-near every 80s animated series. But I think their form of pop-culture savvy humour was an important bridge from the moralizing and black-and-white dialogues of 80s animated series and the whole post-Simpsons/Adult Swim/South Park/Seth McFarlane school of edgy, not-for-kids satire and dark comedy.


  4. Cyrus says:

    To be fair, Space Jam hasn't really aged all that well or at least does not quite gel with the classic Looney Toons material. It has that hypeactive, in-your-face kind of humor, that, perhaps ironically, Tiny Toons helped popularize. So if they made a Tiny Toons movie now, would it stay true to it's early 90s type of wackiness or sugar-infuse it to post-Spongebob levels?

    (Note: I was born in '82, loved Tiny Toons when it first came out but even back then felt that Animaniacs and Freakazoid were trying a little too hard in the loud-and-obnoxious department.)


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