Cautious Optimism

Via ComingSoon

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” puts me into a profoundly schizophrenic state: It’s a movie I absolutely should be looking forward to (Spider-Man vs. Electro and Paul Giamatti as The Rhino? Awesome!) and by all right would sound like something worth getting psyched about – except it’s a sequel to “The Amazing Spider-Man,” which was fetid dog shit. And since most of the crew guilty of that previous film has come back for this one, well…

Problem is, that in-and-of itself doesn’t actually prove anything. It’s totally possible that Mark Webb has become a competent director of action, that Andrew Garfield has sat down and found a way to play Peter Parker that doesn’t make me want to wring his neck and stab out my own eyes (in no particular order), that the asinine “Peter’s Parents” backstory and all the other awful ideas and executions that plagued the first film have been purged from this one and that Rhino and Electro will show up looking an acting awesome (read: “like themselves,” because they are both awesome) …not likely, but possible. So until I start hearing concrete BAD stuff about this one, call me cautiously-optimistic. For now.

Case in point: This is a snap of the “new” costume for the sequel. LOVE the classic comic-style eyepieces. That’s something. That’s a concrete “like.” Let’s see the rest of it (and we will, shortly, as the film starts shooting today.)

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