RiffTrax Wants Your Help Taking Down "Twilight"

There should be something unseemly about a profession comedy outfit Kickstarting a part of their next “bit,” but despite their relative fame and legacies RiffTrax is actually a pretty small operation that generally does right by their fanbase; so I’m okay with this.

Anyway, here’s the skinny: RiffTrax wants to make their next big theatrical simulcast event a live-riffing of “Twilight;” but since securing the rights just to live-broadcast (to say nothing of make fun of) a recent, major motion picture is a lot more expensive than, say, “Plan 9 From Outer Space,” they’ve set up a KickStarter to get them to what is presumed to be Summit Entertainment’s price (FWIW, it looks like they already exceeded the goal, but I could be reading that wrong.)

To my way of thinking, Summit would be crazy not to do this. “Twilight” was never going to be evergreen – it’s shelf-life is exactly how long it takes a majority it’s original fanbase of teenage girls to become cynical and jaded about romance (so, after dating maybe one or two actual teenage boys, really) – and if they’re going to keep making money of these films they need them to become ironically-beloved touchstones of “what were we thinking back then!!??” pop-culture infamy as quickly as possible. The brazen, balletic stupidity of “Breaking Dawn: Part II” was a good first step; hooking up with RiffTrax officially would be a great second.

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