Captain America’s New Costume Kind of Sucks

Aw, Marvel… you were doing so fucking well with this stuff! Bad form. Very bad form.

JFX Online (yeah, me neither) has “spy” photos from the set of the now-shooting “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” that would appear to reveal that Cap’s look has undergone yet another overhaul. I’m putting it below the jump for the especially spoilerphobic, but if you want a basic idea it’s pretty-much that dull number he was wearing in the “Heroic Age” books while Bucky Barnes was still the “acting” Captain America but with a Cap hood/helmet added. The crucial “missing” detail is the lack of identifying red/white stripes at the midsection (there’s some red-ish armor plates, instead) so mostly it just looks dull and anti-iconic – to say nothing of mildly irritating in a story sense: The getup he had in “Avengers” was A.) a variant on the one he designed himself in WWII and B.) was itself designed in part by the late Agent Coulson – you’d think that out of all the Avengers, Steve Rogers would be the one who’d be sentimental about that kind of thing…

Original image: JFX Online
Too bad. Won’t lie – bums me out. Doesn’t necessarily indicate a “bad” movie by an stretch (Batman, for example, has had a shitty costume in every single live-action movie he’s ever appeared in and those average-out pretty good overall) and maybe there’s a story-reason for it (i.e. maybe the good one got damaged? Maybe it’s temporary? I can hope?) but it’s aesthetically dissapointing: Comics being a largely visual medium, part of the fun of adaptation is seeing iconic imagery played-out in the flesh; and that’s significantly diminished when the various characters look not only “not like themselves” but look boring.
FWIW, there have been a few “concept art” sketches seen around showing the same basic new suit for about a week now. I didn’t post them before partly because I was really hoping it was a fake and also because I’d seen other official concept-art that showed him wearing the “classic” outfit. 

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