"Man of Steel" New Trailer (UPDATED!)

Well, here’s this then:

And that would be why Warner Bros. is supposedly so pysched about this particular movie. Some potentially-spoilery thoughts after the jump…

Interesting that, though by all accounts the film is really, really action-heavy, WB is still mainly leaning on the iconography and the American Pastoral stuff as the selling point.

Equally interesting that they’re not going the traditional route of selling the central threat/villain harder than the hero. There’s still very little Zod in here – no real sense of what his motives, personality or “plan” are.

So now Lois is hunting around for Superman even before he’s put on a costume and publicly declared himself to be such, rather than just meeting him within a week or so of meeting Clark Kent at work. Clever shift, makes her more immediately proactive, wondering how they avoid Superman coming off like a stalker if he decides to put on a human-disguise and get hired at her workplace after this, though.

It looks like Krypton goes down in a war or some kind of invasion this time around. Not liking the idea of that, particularly if Zod or some other “major evil” force is somehow behind it.

That little exchange at the end? Cute. Less cute? The idea that the writer/producer team who decided they needed to jump through seven or eight different hoops to explain why Catwoman All-Purpose-Crime-Lady wore high-heels and goggles that kinda-sorta-from-some-angles looked like cat ears will now treat us to a tedious, wholly unnecessary explanation for why Superman is dressed like Superman. Yes, I know the comics also like to do the “here’s what the S-shield really means” business, but it’s usually a toss-off and done in the understanding (an understanding, incidentally, that Team Nolan has never quite managed to grasp) that anyone who’d be seriously bothered by stuff like this was never ever going to watch this movie to begin with.

Still, though… looks good. I’m not knocked-out a’la “Pacific Rim,” I’m not comfortably assured of impending awesome a’la “Avengers”… but it looks good. I’m not expecting it to be as good as the ’78 movie, or “Dark Knight,” or even Snyder’s own “Watchmen;” but if the only thing this manages to get right is reminding the world that Superman isn’t inherently “boring” by using him to deliver a huge actioner, maybe that’ll be good enough.

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