Giggity Giggity Doh!

Dust off both of your “best” jokes about which series has overstayed it’s welcome by longer. EW is reporting that The Simpsons and The Griffins will (finally?) meet in a 2014 crossover episode (of “Family Guy”) titled “Simpsons Guy.” …eh, y’know what? I’m a sucker for a crossover. It’ll be like “Cartoon Wars” – except official, andnot sanctimoniously self-righteous.

Thus far the details are scarce (as expected, it sounds like there’ll be concurrent Peter/Homer, Marge/Lois, Bart/Stewie, Lisa/Mega storylines,) but since it’s technically a “Family Guy” episode one imagines there’ll be a lot of glib commentary about Springfield being perpetually stuck in an early-90s vision of early-60s TV sitcoms, and I’ll be dissapointed if there isn’t a “whoa, that’s not cool…”/uncomfortable-silence bit involving Homer strangling Bart… though even better would be seeing McFarlane (via Brian) trade some oldschool lounge-lizard schtick with similarly unstuck-in-time Krusty. I’ll settle for Brian getting hammered at Moe’s, though.

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