So it’s Captain America versus Halliburton, basically. I can deal:

Wow, that looks really good – Captain America as a Marvel/American James Bond, or maybe a “Bourne” movie without its head up its ass. Just wish I could enjoy the Hellicarrier crashing over D.C. without having traumatic flashbacks to “Into Darkness.”

It’s odd that there isn’t more dialogue laying out who and what is supposed to be going on (how many people are going to “get” that The Winter Soldier refers to the guy with the robot-arm?) but it looks like borrowing the broad strokes of Ed Brubaker’s pre-“Civil War” books is a good solution to making the man-out-of-time angle work: Cap essentially fighting against post-9/11 paranoid/corrupt militarism is a nice way of stripping out the more discordant stuff (“um, Steve… didn’t they still have Whites Only bathrooms in your day?”) from the “WWII-era Good America returns to teach Modern America a lesson” angle that’s built into the character.

I’m still not a fan of the drab new outfit, though, but compared to how cool the rest of this looks that’s small potatoes – Batman has had a shitty costume in every single one of his eight theatrical movies and those average-out pretty decently (really, only Schumacher’s second and Nolan’s third are outright BAD films). Plus, I’m getting the sense it’s a thematic thing along with the bigger plot. Post-“Avengers” S.H.I.E.L.D morphing into something evil (I want Robert Redford’s obviously evil government/business guy to pull of his rubber “human” face to reveal The Red Skull, Baron Zemo or Arnim Zola in the worst way… but hat might read as kind of a mean joke from Redford’s perspective – and yes, I know he’s probably just Lukin from Brubaker’s run) seems to be a big element of this, and Cap ditching “their” version of his uniform would be an easy symbolic moment for Act 3.

Plus, it looks very much like the guys we see him fighting in a version of the classic costume are wearing modern-day tactical gear – y’know what’d be great? If, since they’re in D.C., he broke into the Smithsonian to steal the original or a replica thereof (leaving behind a very polite “sorry” note and some cash to cover the cost of the glass, of course.)


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