Does Captain America Have ANOTHER New Costume in "THE WINTER SOLDIER?"

Below is (sigh) the teaser for the trailer for “CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER,” the actual trailer for which should be hitting the web sometime Thursday. There’s little of note to be seen, save for small details like a Washington D.C. setting, the presence of Nick Fury and Black Widow sporting her third new haircut in as many movies…

…except that bit at 0:10, which appears to show Cap wearing a uniform that’s different from the odd-looking all-blue number that had been teased for the film previously. – but is also not the same as either of his prior getups. So what’s the deal?

At firs glance, it looks like he’s just wearing his WWII era uniform – which would imply that this is a flashback. But it’s not precisely the same gear: The fabric is different, for one thing, but most obviously the torso has an extra red stripe in the center which the “First Avenger” costume lacked – it looks like a hybrid between the WWII and “Avengers”-era looks, which is fine by me.

Presumably, we’ll get a better sense of what might be up from the full trailer whenever they decide to put it up.

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