Here’s Another ROBOCOP Trailer

Well, this still looks like shit. Nice to know some things are constant.

At least we’ve now got some kind of new-ish story to work with: In this version, OCP makes it’s money selling drones to every country but the United States; which apparently has either a law or at least a big cultural apprehension toward the use of robotic security within its borders (“Robophobia” waka waka waka fuck you.) and Robocop is a way around that: Ostensibly an augmented-human with bonus “second lease on life for a cripple” sob-story that’s actually little more than a corpse being remote-controlled by OCP and tricked into thinking it’s making its own decisions. But then he remembers to be human in time to get in elaborate (and PG-13 friendly!) CGI battles with other robots – i.e. exactly the sort of stuff the original movie devoted two entire sequences to making fun of.

Amusingly, the idea that near-future America is still considered a really important consumer market to “crack” immediately makes this a more optimistic movie than Verhoeven’s film. This will be out next year, so everybody remember to get just as psyched as you did for “The Thing” and “Total Recall,” both of which I’m sure we all have on fondly-displayed Blu-Ray and watch at minimum once or twice a week.

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