Noses Don’t Look Good On Reptiles

Had to pull down the earlier “leaked” TMNT images because people were getting C&D’s from Paramount (which is stupid – you can’t fight this stuff getting out, the era of non-plot-related movie “secrets” is dead); but now ComicBookTherapy has a snap up of a merchandise standee that let’s the new turtles out of the bag pretty definitively.

Verdict? Same as before: Like `em, with reservations. The differing body-types work (Leo and Raph are bruisers, Mike is small, Donatello is slimmer) and the personalized gear/clothes/etc are a good idea – I even like Don wearing glasses over his mask. A detail I like: Leo and Raph’s weapons are actually kind of small for them, proportionally, implying that their using “actual” katanas/sais that would’ve been designed for humans. I imagine this won’t be the case for Mike and Don, since nunchucks and staffs can be more easily made from scratch.

Leo and Don have better looking heads, because the more humanoid nose/palate don’t look right at all on Raphael and Michaelangelo. I’ve never understood the modern creature-animation conceit of giving nonhuman characters human-like lips. I understand the “logic” behind it, i.e. in reality they’d need human lips to form human syllables when speaking, I’ve just never really heard from anyone who cared. Movie-monsters spoke “muppet style” (mouth open for any sound, closed otherwise) for decades and I don’t recall that ever being a widespread complaint.

We may or may not see them moving around and talking in a Super Bowl ad, though right now Paramount is onlying officially touting a TRANSFORMERS 4 spot.

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