No Case Too Small

I’ve observed before that the Disney Company, despite being founded by (and named for!) the guy who practically invented comodifying nostalgia, has been slow to the party in trading on the nostalgia-market for it’s own properties. But they’re making up for lost time now, with a specific focus on icons especially prized by now-grown Gen-X/Y fans (see: live-action “Sleeping Beauty” focused on fan-fave baddie Maleficent). Now, they’ve innevitably cast their gaze on the other cash-cow of their legendary 90s Renaissance: “The Disney Afternoon.”

90s kids? You’re getting a live-action “RESCUE RANGERS” movie.

For those born post-90s, Disney’s big weekday/after-school TV “thing” in that era was reworking old characters into then-modern genre frameworks a’la “DUCKTALES.” “RANGERS” (which started out as a “RESCUERS” update) was a mystery/action/cop riff built around a team of rodent crimefighters led by the chipmunk duo who’d originated as B-listers in the original Mickey etc. shorts. The new project is an origin story (the series had a feature-length multi-episode pilot) based on a pitch from director Robert Rugan, a commercial director most famous for a Durex Condoms viral ad.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find out which god I have to please and how to get a “DARKWING DUCK” movie out of this…

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