Aaaaand the expectations come back down to Earth.

For awhile the buzz on “AGE OF EXTINCTION” was that it was going to be some kind of serious departure from the previous installments: Not just a whole new cast (only Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are returning) but a different tone and storyline that may or may not involve time-travel and The Dinobots. But eventually, it became a little clearer that the motif here is less “fresh start” and more “we should do one of these, but partially set in China because for whatever reason China looooooooooves the TRANSFORMERS movies:”

Still, those do seem to be Dinobots, albeit blown up to Godzilla scale and monster-ized (I thought the two-headed guy with the wings might be one of the Terrorcons, but it’s Swoop); which is a very Michael Bay-sounding approach: “Can we make the T-Rex BIGGER? Also scarier?” It’ll take more than the lack of LaBeouf to really sell me on this, but Optimus Prime riding a robot dinosaur is a hell of a start. Also: The big ship thing at the very beginning and the unnamed robot turning into a turret-canon = Unicron and Galvatron?

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