Yeah, well… in my imagination, at least, Kitty Pryde was always a lesbian.

In all seriousness, though, this is fantastic. And before you jump in with “What’s the big deal???,” remember: Kansas – a part of a first-world country in 2014 – is trying to make it legal for businesses to refuse to serve gay people. You bet your ass this sort of thing still matters – it’s huge, in fact, because Ellen Page isn’t a former celebrity of some fringe TV persona; she’s a major Gen-Y star at probably the peak of her career. Her visibility as an openly gay woman, as cliche as this sounds, absolutely will give strength to people of her generation and younger to accept themselves, and the importance of that cannot be overestimated. No matter how many strides are made legally and otherwise, the first hurdle for LGBTQ youth is still finding a way to cast off the pressures of society and tradition and bullshit primitive superstitions about gender and sexuality and accept that they are who they are. And this helps. Every little bit of this helps. Today, this woman is a hero.

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