Second Teaser For The First Trailer For "GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY"

Is it hypocritical to rail against the rampant bullshittery that is commercials for commercials and then excitedly post one when it’s for something you’re into? Probably, if you’re into trying to apply broad philosophical concepts like ideological consistency to real life. Fortunately, I’m a realist, which means I’m also fundamentally a pragmatist: Things are “good” when they and/or their results are good, things are “bad” when they and/or their results are bad – everything else is just so much academic masturbation.

Anyway, “trailers for trailers” is a stupid marketing thing, but it’s a stupid marketing thing that’s now part of the landscape and all marketing is kind of bullshit so we’re really just arguing degrees. Bottom line: Marvel is making some of the most dynamic mainstream genre movies right now, everything they release is movie-newsworthy, “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY” looks awesome, this 15 second tease at the trailer set to premier on Jimmy Kimmel tonight shows you some of that awesome, so it’s a good thing. Enjoy it:

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