Here’s The GoPro Fan-Film That’ll Make You Love SUPERMAN Again:

Things you’re probably sick of on The Internet: FX-demo reels playing out in Southern California, “_____ With a GoPro,” bitter thirtysomething nerd movie-critics telling you how some fan-film nails this or that licensed property better than it’s most recent movie did. Well, tough – watch this SUPERMAN short anyway, and be amazed:

Perfect. Basically perfect. I can’t even bring myself to hate the dubstep (I assume unapproved “With John Williams Theme” versions will be all over the place in a few hours, for good or ill.)

Incredibly, it’s looks like they accomplished 90% of this using a remote-controlled quadcopter and lot of clever editing. Impressive as all hell. If I’m Zack Snyder, I’m quietly tossing these guys a bunch of money not to raise a fuss when I borrow a bunch of these shots for “MAN OF STEEL 2.”

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