…I got nothing.

Oh well, appearances aren’t everything – a lot of people hated the Tokusatsu-esque Goblin armor in the original, and I liked that just fine, so who really knows?

I’m just glad that Harry Osborn was such an important presence in the first “AMAZING SPIDER-MAN”, so that his transformation in this one will be informed by the weight of that well-established relationship with Peter and the other characters. I mean, can you imagine how awkward it’d be if there hadn’t even been any indication that this person existed before now and they had to stuff the origin and the narrative of Peter and Harry’s friendship – the only thing that makes him compelling as an eventual nemesis – and Harry becoming a Goblin into one movie that’s already built around at least two other villains and the continuing plot threads of Peter’s missing parents, his relationship with Gwen, whatever is going on with Norman Osborn and that guy with the hat???

That would be nutty…

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