I Need an Editor – Is It You?

UPDATE: It’s possible that the position may have already been filled – please refrain from sending emails if this bold message is still visible. Thank you.

Straight to the point: I have a project that requires some fairly tedious pain-in-the-ass editing, and I’m willing to pay someone to do it because my schedule doesn’t fit with this sort of additional workload – at least not in a decent timeline. So I’m looking to talk to a freelance editor – preferably NOT a total stranger, hence using my blog and social-media instead of whatever LinkedIn actually does.

Interested? Read on.

Okay, here’s the deal.

Followers of this blog may recall that I’m looking to publish a series of ebooks collecting the bulk of my pre-existing blog entries, text reviews, old columns from websites, etc by theme. At current count, I’ve nearly finished compiling and I now have a total 7 books running between 100 and 140 pages apiece, divided up by theme (Film, Television, Hollywood, Geek Culture, Video Games, etc.) ready-made… but they’re all currently formatted for print (i.e. margins, headers and footers, page breaks, no style-headings, etc) which will be FINE for the eventual print versions – but I’m looking to do the ebooks first as a demand-gauge.

Here’s where I’m running into a crunch: To become a proper ebook in 2016 and be widely sold, they all need to be reformatted for conversion to what’s called EPUB format, which involves (among other things) removing all page, paragraph and space formatting and (since these are MSWord docs) using “Styles” to tag chapter-headings for automated-indexing. So basically, all the work I already did putting everything together needs to be undone then done again a different way – not exactly building The Great Wall, but cumbersome all the same and enough so that I’m willing to look for help.

So. I’m looking for someone who’d be willing/able to do the above-described formating work on the above-described amount of writing within a reasonable amount of time and for pay that can be negotiated somewhere that’s not a public blog – suffice it to say I know better than anyone the scale of the task and the tendency for writers/editors to be underpaid, and I’m not looking to screw anyone over: I’m looking to pay good money for good work. Again, just so we’re clear: This would be formating/unformating only – you wouldn’t be doing any editing to the actual text, so no proofreading, spelling, grammar, structure, etc work is needed. In addition, I’ll be able to provide links to pages outlining the exact requirements being asked for by where I have to send the finished version.

I’m willing to entertain the possibility of working with anyone, but I’m hoping that by putting this up and Tweeting it out I’ll hear from friends, colleagues, people I know or have worked with before, etc – just because that always makes collaborations work better in my experience.

Interested? Want more info? Contact me via bobchipman82@gmail.com

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