NEW EBOOK COLLECTION: MovieBob’s Reel Breakdown

UPDATE: An error that was discovered with one of the reviews featuring incorrect text (Tomorrowland) has been corrected in the finished product. If anyone who already purchased a copy would like to talk replacement, please feel free to contact me.

Hey hey! Remember when I said I was going to publish me some eBooks collecting my earlier reviews and other articles? Well, the first one is now available through for just $4.00 US!

“MovieBob’s Reel Breakdown” is a collection of reviews NOT from Escape to The Movies (it’s complicated) but a specially-curated selection of criticism culled from my written Escapist columns, blogs originally posted here and transcripts from my independent video reviews – yes, including the PIXELS review. I’d call it a healthy, eclectic mix encompassing newer fare like JURASSIC WORLD and a “supplemental review” of INTERSTELLAR alongside “older” fare like FUNNY GAMES or BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR and infamous disasters like WINTER’S TALE and STONEWALL. All told, there’s about 60 total full-length reviews in here, each one preceded by an all-new exclusive introduction offering context and my current thoughts on the piece.

You’ll note that the cover indicates that this is the first book in the “MovieBob Anthology;” and indeed 5-6 more volumes are coming soon. Titles are still pending, but subjects could (tentatively) include Classic Reviews, Video Games, Geek Culture, Hollywood History/Business, TV Commentary/Reviews and Superheroes.

It should be available in Kindle, Kobo, Nook and iBooks formats soon enough, but for now it’s being sold on Lulu – and I recommend you pick it up from them 🙂 FWIW, this is my first crack and independent self-publishing these things, so any feedback would be appreciated.

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