Two More New eBook Collections: SUPERHERO CINEMA and GEEK STREAK

You have seen yesterday that I’ve begun rolling out my new series of MovieBob Anthology eBooks, which collect the best of my written work from this blog, The Escapist and elsewhere into a series of individually-themed volumes. Yesterday saw MOVIEBOB’S REEL BREAKDOWN drop, which collected the best of my written (read: non-Escape to The Movies) film reviews. Today, I’m proud to make available two new volumes: MOVIEBOB’S SUPERHERO CINEMA and MOVIEBOB’S GEEK STREAK; which collect a selection of non-review features on comic book movies and “geek culture,” respectively.

Digital-storefront-specific versions are pending, but you can buy all three in epub-format (which works on almost all devices and desktops) directly from Lulu NOW by clicking their respective titles above. Hit the jump for more info…

There’s a lot to recommend in SUPERHERO CINEMA, which surprised me as I thought I’d have to forego republishing a lot of such material because so much of it was timestamped to various stages of development for now-completed films. But quite a bit turned out to be (largely) evergreen and/or worth preserving for posterity’s sake, including “look ahead” pieces for Dark Knight Rises, Spider-Man and the broader MCU itself and just-for-fun stuff like a comprehensive look at who can/cannot lift Thor’s hammer and why.

What I’m happiest to include in this volume are the retrospectives of the various pre-MCU Marvel TV attempts; including full writeups on The Incredible Hulk, the three Hulk TV movies, the failed attempts at Captain America and Doctor Strange, Generation X, the live-action Spiderman, Japanese Spider-Man, Hasselhoff as Nick Fury and four whole decades of Marvel-based cartoons.

GEEK STREAK, meanwhile, contains a great number of the most-requested “thinkpiece”-style work I’ve published over the years. If you enjoyed the “Re-Tales” series (possibly my favorite thing in the Anthology, period) from the old Intermission column, or “Bat-Mitt Vs. Obamavengers” from this blog, or “I May Have Been Wrong About Maleficent,” or my introduction to the philosophy of C.S. Lewis, or “On Geek Privilege,” those are all in here – finally yours to own directly from the author.

So is more just-for-fun stuff like my Renaissance Fair travelogue and my two-part report on the behind-the-scenes work of guest-paneling on the sci-fi/fantasy convention circuit. “The 50 Most Boring Opinions in Geek Culture” are in here, too, as in “The Movie Nerd Bible” folks have frequently requested links to. This is some of my more divisive work, I’ve found, but I’m really proud of this volume and I hope you enjoy it.

Price is $4.00 US each for all three, incidentally, and I’m expecting that the remaining 5-6 volumes will be similarly priced. Could I have charged more? Yes, but I marked-down of my own volitition

Finally, just to address some questions about the format: Right now, these are all available directly for self-publishing site Lulu in “.epub” format, which is compatible with most tablets, readers, etc and also with desktops. Device-specific versions for certain digital storefronts like Kindle and Nook are pending, but I have no control over how long that will take given their approval process. Obviously, you’re free to buy or not buy in any format you want; but if it makes a difference to anyone (and, sincerely, bless you if it does) buying the .epub directly from Lulu is significantly better for my bottom line. So there’s that.

Depending on how things go over the next few days, the volumes-yet-to-come will likely include a volume of television writing, reviews of classic films and volume devoted entirely to video-games – including a selection of early Game OverThinker transcripts and several of the original GamerGate essays. So look out for those. Once I get these all out, I’m planning to put together a YouTube campaign laying them out in more lively detail. As for printed copies? Ideally, I want to make them – at least for the ‘Con circuit so I have more things to sell and sign; but that’s an expensive undertaking and I need to let these ebooks play out for awhile so I can gauge interest and costs.

I’m also looking at how this does as a model for how to proceed with some plans to potentially enter the fiction-writing realm, so keep an eye out for that as well 🙂

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