Review: POWER RANGERS (2017)

If somebody did this to something I’d loved as a kid, I’d want to punch them in the taint.

5 thoughts on “Review: POWER RANGERS (2017)

  1. Sylario says:

    I’m from Europe, and for me the old Power Ranger show was a complete betrayal, another case of the US breaking a nice thing.

    Power ranger uses footage (robot monsters and costumed fight), from the Japanese Super Sentai. From 1987 to the year Power Ranger appeared, we had a glorious Japanese show and suddenly, it was laced with an horrible generic US sitcom, it was devastating. Give us back the REAL Super Sentai !


    • Epha says:

      Can we, in the internet age, maybe stop acting like there’s a mutually exclusive choice? Star Wars vs Star Trek, Marvel vs DC, Power Rangers vs Sentai. I’m so tired of this.


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