“I’m Rich.”

We’re really still going through with this, huh?

At this point, unless WONDER WOMAN is a miracle the DCEU as a meaningful feature franchise thing is basically all through with but the shouting. Yeah, it’ll come out, but it’ll be the new TRANSFORMERS i.e. a technical moneymaker that culturally exists as a punchline – not a great ending for such a storied stable of characters and ideas. For now, the big takeaway is that it looks like Batman is driving a robot (something they had him do in LEGO BATMAN as a joke about absurd Bat-vehicles) and that Amber Heard even looks good floating around in a goofy plastic body-stocking. Oh, well.

6 thoughts on ““I’m Rich.”

  1. Jensen Sev says:

    Oh that music is so fitting for the whole thing! It’s perfect, almost poetic and completely indicative of the whole movie and the WB/DC combination and what they are trying to do.

    It’s a pretty lame cover of Come Together by The Beatles.
    Just like this movie will be a pretty lame cover of The Avengers movie.

    Both trying to get some fame and praise for being a rip-off of something that was great and loved.

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  2. Chloe McKenzie says:

    Boo hoo. The film could end up being absolutely amazing and you will still find something to bitch about. Maybe you could break your record for “Most Uses of the Word ‘Shit’ and Its Derivatives in a Review”.

    I’m pretty sure you just desperately want this franchise to fail.


    • Rhodoferax says:

      Bob was pretty darn positive about Dawn of Justice before it actually came out.

      And even after that an Suicide Squad, he’s comes across as cautiously optimistic about Wonder Woman.

      DC’s problems is that they’re trying to start at the point Marvel spent years building up to while also trying to set their movies apart by being tonally different, instead of just making good movies.


    • Frostbite says:

      What Rhodo, probably isn’t aware in some way, is that, afterwards, Bob was pretty negative about the DCEU once BvS hit DESPITE it being successful with the audience. Despite how much money it made. And despite being different from your typical MCU film.


  3. Battleflies says:

    They even pulled the ‘I’m rich but don’t play well with others’ joke from the first Avengers trailer – only they split it and mocked up, what once was a brilliantly witty line. Of course they did.

    While to my mind, the music works nicely for a trailer – it conjours bad, bad memories about Suicide Squad’s relation to pop music…


  4. franksands says:

    This is the first trailer that shows this could be fun. I’m in for non-stop action between the league and the parademons. I’m not in if this is like power rangers, where you have 90 minutes of setup and 30 minutes of real action. We’ll see.


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