4 thoughts on “In Bob We Trust – IS THE NINTENDO SWITCH GOOD ENOUGH?

  1. William Shelton says:

    On the game overthinker thing: dude, i’ll watch anything you put out, and i’d love to see more of it being game related. So, yes please bring the GameOverthinker back. As far as the whole list thing goes, i think that would undermine what made the GameOverthinker such a cool persona in the first place, but i’m not exactly against the idea altogether.


  2. Whisky Tango Foxtrot says:

    I just want to see the day where whatever Nintendo game (singular) is actually worth playing in any given generation will only cost me $60 instead of $300-$400.


  3. Rhodoferax says:

    How about a list of franchises worth reviving?

    OH, and if and when the Overthinker does properly return, drop the side characters and the sketches. They never really gelled, and I think it was better back when it was just Bob articulating an opinion over apposite and humorous images.


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