The Good Enough Spider-Man?

I’m very fond of the idea of Spider-Man being “in” the Marvel Cinematic Universe, officially. His brief scene in CIVIL WAR handily demonstrated the innate benefit of this kind of character brings to the proceedings, and I’m excited by the prospect of maybe potentially seeing Spidey and The Hulk interact, even if only for a single scene.

More solo Spider-Man movies, on the other hand? I’ve pretty much resigned myself to keeping my expectations low. SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING will all but certainly improve on the disastrous “AMAZING” movies (it’s still astonishing just how awful those were); but it’s equally a given that this will be the first MCU project to not be the “best” version of its own material – no one making modern superhero movies has managed to outgun Sam Raimi yet, and I don’t expect this to break the streak:

Don’t get me wrong: This looks just fine. If I’m being honest, I liked the previous trailer (the one that focused on the high school stuff over the action beats – that’s what’s going to set this apart and make it work) better; and I’m not nuts about how Iron Man-heavy this is. Yeah, I get it, the AMAZING duology has tainted the brand worse than anything since the Clone Saga and people need to be won back over, but “Marvel SPIDER-MAN movie” should be enough of a sell without needing to plaster Downey all over it. It’s a solid trailer, though, and still looks like a fun movie.

That said, I really like the implication that he won’t be keeping the Stark-designed suit for the whole movie, or maybe not going forward. I’m not nuts about the design (ironically, AMAZING 2 had the best-looking Spidey suit ever) but more substantively a Spider-Man who’s relying on outside backup for his gear just doesn’t work without totally overhauling the character: A Peter Parker with a billionaire surrogate dad on speed-dial doesn’t have the financial and personal hangups that constitute the entire novelty of a superhero whose also a hard-luck youngster, and one has to imagine Marvel (if not Sony, who are apparently about to piss away millions on a Silver Sable movie) knows this.

We’ll see.

8 thoughts on “The Good Enough Spider-Man?

  1. Fortyseven says:

    Whoops. Looks like they used the same clip of the spider logo popping off his chest, at the start, and at the end. 🙂

    The trailer showed, perhaps, a bit too much in this one, I think (Iron Man showing up at the ferry, for instance). But I’m still very much on board! I feel a bit guilty about how much Downey shows up — love the guy, and I’ll probably enjoy him being there, no doubt, but his presence feels like a corporate chaperone on a field trip. (Literally; not just the role his character plays, here.)


    • betweenthepolesblog says:

      Agree about it showing just a little too much, but otherwise looks very good.
      I don’t think the repetition of the Spider-logo thing was a mistake, its just something trailers do now – a few quick highlights in the first 5 seconds to stop people hitting the skip button.


  2. franksands says:

    And here comes the drama! All it needs now is to have a flashback to Uncle Ben dying. I hoped this was a light adventure story. I don’t know if I’ll watch this in the theater.


  3. Lovey Chuhtha says:

    This is the first Spider Man trailer since Raimi’s Spider Man 2 that has me excited. I realize that its mostly the hype train of marketing pull me in and along but I love that Spiderman seems fun again and not so bogged down in post Dark Knight gritty brooding bro-sadness like in the ASM 1-2.
    I love the inclusion of RDJ because it does for me what the studios assumed it would; giving me confidence in the story, characters, and its watchability since Marvel’s method is sure-fire at this point. The tech upgrades are cool and like you said the “who am i without the suit?” thing is a reframe to Iron Man 3 which ending up being the best thing for Tony Stark as a character so doing it again with Peter while Tony watches is a metanarrative treat.

    You hit some good points. And Sony is gonna shit away all this good karma by going back to the same shitty ideas and executive office pre-ejac movie concepts that landed them in this situations in the first place. No one wants a Silver Sable movie and no one needs an R. Rated Venom


  4. KevinCV (@GoldenTalesGeek) says:

    I’m with Lovey Chuhtha. I haven’t been this excited for a “Spider-Man” film since Raimi’s second one. Also Bob, I get what you’re saying about wanting Spidey to prove himself in the MCU with minimal appearances from the other overarching characters, but I like that Downey is in this because it gives me confidence that Marvel knows what they’re doing when it comes to the webhead. Plus, on a fan level, it gives me more of one the best things about “Cap: Civil War”, which was Tony mentoring Peter on being a superhero.

    Definitely looking forward to seeing this with my girlfriend this July. Granted, she’s not as into superheroes as I am. Ironic, considering her father has been a comic book artist for many years. But she did love “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Doctor Strange” (the latter more due to a certain Mr. Cumberbatch…) so hopefully this can help bring her around to the more superheroic side of the Marvel Universe. I really need to show her the rest of the MCU movies, though…


  5. Mechaninja (@mechakisc) says:

    I feel like they aren’t going out of their way to explain what Peter does wrong.

    That’s one thing that drives me up the wall: “You shouldn’t have gone after that guy!” “Ok but were you going to?” “No, it’s fine, let him win.”

    I mean at least that part is pure Spider Man: “You can’t keep carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.” Except that’s what that kid has always done, even moreso than the Avengers, to my mind.

    They’ve written Stark as more and more irrational over time and it’s starting to get really frustrating. I’m worried the eventual “payoff” is going to measure up.


  6. swanpride says:

    Oh, come on, we all know that Marvel could deliver a master piece and you would still not like it because your fanboy heart is owned by the Raimi movies. The Trailer reveals too much for my taste, but if one point is clear that they intend to tackle a way better story than what we have gotten before.


  7. Brett says:

    I was thinking about that, too. Is he going to end up estranged from Tony Stark by the end of this? Because otherwise it’s not really a big mystery as to what will happen to him after high school – he’ll go to college on a Stark industries “scholarship” while being Spiderman and occasionally working with the Avengers on other stuff.


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