Not There Yet

Look, nobody wants JUSTICE LEAGUE to be good more than me, with the possible exception of anyone who has money invested with Warner Bros right now. So I don’t enjoy the fact that this fancy new trailer looks… like nothing special.

That’s not to say that it looks “bad,” but if the idea here was to turn everyone around on what’s thus far looked like a pretty bad film (and a DCEU sliding right back into its bad old habits after the welcome respite in WONDER WOMAN) this isn’t doing it as far as I’m concerned. Flash and Cyborg still look ridiculous, the overriding aesthetic resembles 90s comics in all the least attractive ways, and after half a Summer of female fans swooning over WONDER WOMAN’s epic beach fight it very much looks like Themiscyra and The Amazons’ role here is to get killed (or at least decisively “owned”) by Steppenwolf in order to demonstrate how bad a baddie he is – if so, that’s going to go over like a lead balloon.

I genuinely hope this is good. Whatever transformations WB has to make to this franchise to get it back to watchable, I hope it begins here. But I remain underwhelmed, and I don’t want to start feeling like we’ll be waiting around until the just-announced FLASHPOINT movie in order to see the substantive retooling that this whole enteprise worthwhile.

3 thoughts on “Not There Yet

  1. Lovey Chuhtha says:

    Yeah when I saw “Flashpoint” i had the feeling of the Bobby Ewing-In-The-Shower-Dream season of Dallas lol. They are totally about to XMEN DOFP the Synderverse


  2. dmol8 says:

    The main problem I see with this movie is that it is Joss Whedon playing in a Zac Snyder made universe. If it was the reverse if it was Zac Snyder playing in a Joss Whedon made universe I would be excited for a chance to see Snyders better aspects as an author to come into focus.

    But since it’s the opposite then between Wonder Woman being tonally dissonant with the rest of the Cinematic DCU and Joss Whedon playing in a universe made by Zac Snyder which will bring out the worst aspects of Whedon as an author I expect this movie to be a worse one that Batman v Superman was.


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