Thor Ragnarok

Okay, Sony? If that HE-MAN movie you keep promising isn’t at about THIS or better in terms of silly space-barbarian nonsense? Don’t even bother – this looks like the MOTU movie I’ve always wanted. Looks/feels amazing:

Of note, the “Goddess of Death” call-out  feels a lot like Blanchett’s Hela will, in fact, be filling the Thanos paramour role that Death Herself typically plays in the comics. If so, you kinda have to sympathize with at least the big purple oaf’s motivations on this one – Holy SHIT does the “Black Metal Frontwoman” look suit her well…

One thought on “Thor Ragnarok

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    Just on accident, while flipping through cable TV, I caught about 30 minutes of the 1980 movie Flash Gordon, in all its terrible glory. Maybe it’s because that just happened yesterday, but this movie feels awfully similar. Hope it doesn’t push past “campy” right into “awful”.


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