Escape to the Movies: "The Muppets"

Apologies for not putting this up sooner. Busy day for me, and I wasn’t even shopping.

“Intermission” has more Muppets.

6 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "The Muppets"

  1. MangaBottle says:

    I had to pause the movie to squeal with joy when you said the film was good. Seriously, I've been edge with this movie all freakin' year. Now I know with absolute certainty it doesn't suck, thanks to you! 🙂


  2. C.M. Waters says:

    See, I didn't mind the cheap style at all. I thought of it less as a TV production and more as a play theater production, and for me, that gives it some artistic value. It's what The Muppets have always been about.

    Obviously, it doesn't qualify as a cinematic masterpiece, but it never wants to nor does it need to. It's witty, charming, energetic, and heartfelt, and that's all I need from a Muppets movie. I'm aware that you're giving the film a thumbs up, and a big one at that, but for me, it is the perfect Muppets movie.


  3. KevinCV says:

    As a lifelong fan of the Muppets and especially the work the Jim Henson Company does, I'm pleased to learn that this movie is good. Maybe now I can persuade my mom to go see it with me if Sweetums is in it, as he's her favorite one. 😀


  4. nejiblue says:

    You couldn't pay me to give two fucks about the movie. Doesn't mean I'll hate it for no reason and troll, but at least you don't say not wanting to watch something=hating it this time. All I wanted to comment on was the bill, the SOPA or whatever the fuck its called. The idea that I, a complete nobody with no money, needs to write a letter to asshole politicians to peg them to do something is so funny I laughed my ass off. The bottom line is that politicians only care about one thing: money. The money they get from mega corporations that they then need to run their campaigns and program all the sheep that make up this country's “normal” society(which I am not a part of). But I don't matter, because I have barely enough money to live, not live like a god like those CEO's. The money they will get from those same corporations pushing this bill. So, its over. Period. And honestly, I don't give a fuck if it put's your sorry ass out of business and on the streets or not. See you on the bread line fucker lol.


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