RIP Ken Russell 1927-2011

Ken Russell has died. Though he’d slipped somewhat from public consciousness outside of his native England, Russell was the director of a string of popular and/or noteworthy films throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s. Any film buff worth his salt ought to have seen “The Devils,” “Women in Love” and “Altered States” by now; though he was probably best known for “The Who’s ‘Tommy” and a slew of increasingly-offbeat biopics of classical composers.

Below, a scene from “Lair of The White Worm” – for my money still the height of Hugh Grant’s onscreen moments:

UK readers: Did any news outlets opt to use that clip for effect back when Grant was the big hero of the hacking scandal? Or do you guys not “do” the ironic-movie-clip-as-part-of-the-news thing?

2 thoughts on “RIP Ken Russell 1927-2011

  1. Yaseen Kader says:

    BBC will show a clip of an actor/celebrity's past work, maybe to show 'how far they've fallen' if there's a scandal, or just to remind the audience of their best work, but, no, they'd never go for a 'hacking' pun.


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